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International Focus Presenter -Matthew Wain Contact - 07885 268 979 Date - 8 th May 2013.

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1 International Focus Presenter -Matthew Wain Contact - 07885 268 979 Date - 8 th May 2013

2 Eight reasons to try Royal Mail … We’ve been putting a lot of effort into becoming not just the UK’s largest mail operator, but the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable international carrier you’ll find. If you aren’t currently using our services, here are eight reasons why you might be missing out:

3 1 Quality of Service Our international services are checked and measured independently, so when we say we have excellent quality of service, you know we can prove it. For instance, mail takes just under 3 days to New York and just over 2 days to France (UNEX Jan-Jun 2012). We also offer a range of service speeds to suit your needs, enabling you to choose the perfect balance between speed and cost, with the reliability your customers expect.

4 2 Cost-effectiveness With us, you can be sure that the price you see is the price you pay – unlike other companies we don’t add on fuel surcharges, line haul or additional charges for consumables. We offer savings if you have the ability to sort your mail, and volume-related discounts on large postings.

5 3 We’re a brand you can trust The Royal Mail brand is recognised worldwide. In fact, it’s so iconic, it’s ranked as number 51 in the 2012 UK Business Superbrands (b2b). So, when you post with us, you and your customers have the reassurance that you’re working with a trusted world- renowned supplier.

6 4 Easy access We are simpler than ever to do business with. You present your mail in a variety of ways, even sending as part of a UK mailing. We also have a range of tools which help make using our services a breeze.

7 5 Free returns and unwanted goods We don’t charge for returning undeliverable items and have a process to ensure you receive these regularly which is highly beneficial for stock repatriation when goods are not collected and keeping mailing databases updated, reducing wastage in future mailings. In addition we offer a range of reply paid services for letter responses and goods returns thus removing one of the barriers to overseas trading.

8 6 Tailored Services We understand that no two customers are alike – some simply want to hand us their mail and leave everything to us, while others like to do some pre- sorting and save a bit of money. That’s why we offer you a range of unsorted and pre-sorted products to fit your requirements and are able to tailor our services even more personally to you.

9 7 We can offer security and tracking For high value orders or precious items we realise you may need to track your item or obtain a signature on delivery. We can provide both of these to key countries and these services offer compensation for loss as standard, plus you can opt for higher levels of compensation to suit your needs.

10 8 We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum For overseas mail we use only scheduled flights, i.e. planes that would be flying anyway, rather than flights scheduled for our sole use. This means we don’t add significantly to an already existent carbon footprint. To deliver mail we also make use of local postal authorities in 99% of destinations, so that, again, no extra journeys have to be made therefore minimising our environmental impact.

11 “Our reputation at home and abroad depends on good delivery. With Royal Mail, I know my parcels are safe.” Stuart Felton, Chief Operating Officer, The Book Depository

12 Royal Mail Top 20 Destinations 2012 Packets 300g 02/04/2013Cost of delivery to Rank EU2012 kgDestination SortZone SortAirsureISF 1stUSA 7,705,216£1.32£3.14£7.80£7.85 2ndAustralia 6,541,616£2.39£3.14£7.80£7.85 3rdEire*5,072,123£2.19£2.39£7.10£7.15 4thFrance*4,219,713£1.56£2.39£7.10£7.15 5thGermany*3,565,915£1.88£2.39£7.10£7.15 6thCanada 2,149,065£1.53£3.14£7.80£7.85 7thSpain*2,060,402£1.31£2.39£7.10£7.15 8thItaly*1,870,647£1.92£2.39N/A£7.15 9thNorway 1,361,516£2.74£3.14N/A£7.85 10thJapan 1,319,561£1.63£3.14N/A£7.85 11thSweden*1,244,248£1.70£2.39£7.10£7.15 12thDenmark*1,099,829£2.77£2.39£7.10£7.15 13thNew Zealand 1,098,023£2.03£3.14£7.80£7.85 14thNetherlands*1,077,524£1.49£2.39£7.10£7.15 15thSwitzerland 963,887£2.27£3.14£7.80£7.85 16thFinland*906,087£1.95£2.39£7.10£7.15 17thGreece*791,341£1.92£2.39N/A£7.15 18thBelgium*779,861£1.43£2.39£7.10£7.15 19thPoland*747,726£1.20£2.39N/A£7.15 20thRussia 668,016£2.19£3.14N/A£7.15 N.BUK Parcels 48 - 300g - £1.80

13 Further Support Matthew Wain International Sales Consultant 07885 268 979


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