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Distributed RI facilities Eeva Ikonen EU-US ENV RI session in Rome (1.10.2010)

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1 Distributed RI facilities Eeva Ikonen EU-US ENV RI session in Rome (1.10.2010)

2 European research Infrastructure can be single- or multiple-site depending on their specific technical characteristics and mission A European Distributed Infrastructure (EDRI), as recognised by ESFRI and Fiscal Address, although it has more than one site. As with all EDRIs must has to have a pan-European interest, i.e. unique laboratories or facilities providing services for top-level European research, ensuring open access to all interested researchers based on scientific excellence and on the quality of the user proposals, creating a substantial added value with respect to national facilities. Definition of distributed RI in ESFRI (1/3)

3 Definition of distributed RI in ESFRI (2/3) There are different types of distributed Ris, based on different reasons for the distributed nature. Some, such as Lifewatch and ANAEE, bring together existing or new activities in different countries. Some, such as Euro-Argo and EPOS, are distributed because they are observing systems covering a wide geographical area. EISCAT_3D needs to be at multiple sites for the observing instrument in Arctic. The ENV RIs on the ESFRI Roadmap fall in a range of places on the continuum between site specific and distributed. For example, COPAL and ERICON_AB are mobile site specific multipurpose platforms, while SIOS is essentially site specific Arctic RIs though based at more than one site. Others, such as LifeWatch is fully distributed mostly building on existing facilities and networks.

4 An EDRI must bring significant scientific and technical improvements to the field, providing the highest technology and metrology standards at all sites, and contributing to the goal of integrating and converging scientific and technical standards for research community. An EDRI can allow different sub-names, local facility-addresses and different accounts for each node/site, all this being irrespective of their funding sources. European Distributed Infrastructure (EDRI) (3/3)

5 Identifies 44 new (or major upgrade of) Research Infrastructures of pan-European interest The EC funds 3 additional projects from the CERN Council strategic roadmap for particle physics* Distributed research infrastructures Single sited research infrastructures Social Sc. & Hum. ( 5 ) Life Sciences ( 10 ) Environmental Sciences ( 10 ) Material and Analytical Facilities ( 6 ) Physics and Astronomy ( 11 ) Energy ( 4 ) e-Infra- structures (1) SHAREBBMRIELIXIRICOS EURO- ARGO EUROFELELI TIARA * ECCSELPRACE European Social Survey ECRIN INFRA FRONTIE R LIFEWATCHIAGOSEMFLPRINSCTAJHR CESSDAINSTRUCTEATRISEMSOEPOS European XFEL SPIRAL2SKAIFMIF CLARIN EU- OPENSCRE EN EMBRCSIAEOSEISCAT_3D ESRF Upgrade E-ELTFAIRHiPER DARIAH Euro BioImaging ERINHA BSL4 Lab COPAL AURORA BOREALIS NEUTRON ESS KM3NeT ILC- HIGRADE * ILL20/20 Upgrade SLHC-PP * ESFRI roadmap 2008

6 An EDRI is an entity funded by at least minimum numbers (in ERIC 3 EU MS) of countries. It is compatible with different sub- names and local facility-addresses and financial accounts for each country. Funding of the different nodes may be either supported by different countries, or instead be collected and managed by the central node, as long as the Global Strategy of the Distributed Facility is respected. Funding of European distributed RIs

7 The same rigour is needed in the selection of distributed nodes as for Central Node or Headquarters. Where an EDRI is formed from existing facilities, the proposal should make explicit how the Central Node will be selected and how additional Distributed Nodes will be incorporated. Nodes

8 Organisation of an International DRI What is needed for the structure of EDRI? Statutes of the EDRI Budgetary principles, accounts and audit Liability and insurance Principles for joint activities An assembly of members as the body having full decision- making powers, incl. the adoption of the budget A dierctor or a board of directors appointed by the assembly of members, as the executive body and legal representative of the RI

9 Operative regulations of EDRI agreement of joint research programmes and observations agreement of access policy for users and to joint activities dissemination and optimisation of the results of joint activities standards for joint measurements (methodology, instrumentation etc.) agreement of data policy (access, data processing, storages etc.) agreement of IPR covering joint research activities identification of the working language(s)

10 International cooperation The EDRI agreement does not prevent particular sites or nodes from participating in other cooperation, programmes and campaigns in other fields or with other measurement techniques. It is easier for participants, and for users outside from Europe to communicate with a single point of contact one entry in the EDRI. Because of the global scale and complexity of environmental research, and due to high costs of environmental RIs, international collaboration is essential. Natural partners of pan-European RIs are global research and monitoring programmes of the planet Earth launched by international organisations. Some RIs, in particular SIOS, EISCAT_3D and EPOS, have participating organisations from outside Europe. Other, such as ICOS, EURO-ARGO and Lifewatch have activities with international research programmes to add value to ERA.


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