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International Barcode Of Life Initiative

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1 International Barcode Of Life Initiative
Sujeevan Ratnasingham Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding

2 Phone Directory & Species Directory

3 International Barcode of Life Initiative (iBOL)
5 Years $150M 5M specimens 500K species

4 DNA Barcode Process DNA Sequences Species Names & Voucher Specimens
Sensor Data Inferred Concepts Samples (Observable Characteristics) Physical Species Names & Taxon Concepts Voucher Specimens (Natural History Collections)

5 Centralized Informatics Framework (BOLD)
Archive – Organize and upload experimental data as it’s generated Mine – Analyze submitted data with existing public data Collaborate – Share confidentially with others or openly with the community Unify - Connect molecular data with specimen data

6 + = Access Model Biology Community Wiki GenBank 1 3 2 access submit
website forms or tool or API Curators update curate 1 GenBank curate submit update access Curators 3 website or API submit curate update access Wiki + = 2

7 Micro-Projects, IP & Data Sharing
-Sharing data subsets Object Stack Dataset Dataset B Dataset A

8 Data Analysis & Visualization

9 Current - > Future Data Viewers & Editors Registries
Workflow Analytics Integration Data Viewers & Editors Registries Data Collection Tools Semantic Annotation Passive/Active Visualization Domain Specific Reports Analytical Pipelines Literature APIs Deep Links Heterogeneous Data 340 CPU 100 TB STORAGE 1000s CPU 100s TB STORAGE Dedicated Infrastructure Cloud based Infrastructure Distributed Globally


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