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Module 6 Project Put your name here.

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1 Module 6 Project Put your name here.
Change the name of the project to your environmental issue!!! Change the design to something more appealing.

2 Introduction This information will come from 6.01
State your environmental issue Explain the circular flow diagram and how your business or industry impacts each sector of the economy. Change the title of this slide to something that has to do with your project.

3 The Connections Add a representation of the circular flow diagram here.

4 The Criteria Use the information from 6.02 to discuss the necessary criteria for your issue

5 The Solutions You should have 2 or 3 slides of solutions.
This should come from the information you found in 6.03. Each possible solution should have it’s own slide and should discuss the externalities.

6 The Criteria with the Solutions
Each solution needs to be graded against the criteria that you came up with. Create one slide for each of your solutions

7 Conclusion Show the best solution and why.
Be sure that you include pictures throughout the presentation.

8 Citations Always include citations.

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