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Vilnius, 02-03 2011 Prof. Dr. Anca Colibaba Executive President, EuroEd Foundation Iasi, Romania.

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2 Vilnius, 02-03 2011 Prof. Dr. Anca Colibaba Executive President, EuroEd Foundation Iasi, Romania


4 (Some) Conclusions of ELAN* Study: SMEs in the European Union lose contracts worth several millions each year due to language and culture barriers. The companies affected by this loss of business reported that in many cases they failed to secure contracts worth several million of Euro. Companies can grow their Business by acquiring better Foreign Language Skills. *ELAN stands for Effects on the European Economy of Shortages of Foreign Language Skills in Enterprise. This pan-European study was commissioned by EC in 2006. (

5 While lack of appropriate language skills can be funny… Not to perambulate the corridors in the hours of repose in the boots of ascension. (Hotel catering to skiers, Austria) …or puzzling… Drop your trousers here for the best results. (Dry cleaner's, Bangkok) Order your summer suit. Because is big rush, we will execute customers in strict rotation. (Tailor shop, Rhodes)

6 …some can be really damaging for a business… Total Quality Qontrol (Chapter title from a book about the history of the Garuda Airline, Indonesia) Specail today : No icecream ( Restauranmt in Belgrade) Visitors are expected to complain at the office between the hours of 9 and 11 am daily. (Hotel, Athens)

7 BUT! Is it enough to speak somebody elses language to eliminate all communication barriers?

8 THEN…. …maximise export opportunities by taking into consideration the… … CULTURAL ASPECTS AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION ISSUES!

9 WHO WE ARE Institute for Social and Economic Research IRES FVG, Italy ( EuroEd Foundation, Romania ( Inno-Motive Nonprofit Ltd., Hungary ( Semantica Ltd, UK (

10 WHAT WE DO In-CLASS, the Intercultural Communication and Language Assessment Scheme supports SMEs to improve their international competitiveness.

11 WHY WE DO IT Companies which undergo regulated communication audit tend to operate more effectively in selling their goods and services into markets where their mother tongue is not spoken.

12 WHO WE HELP The In-Class scheme helps businesses overcome language and cultural barriers in international trading.

13 HOW WE DO IT By: elaborating and adapting nationally (HU, UK, IT, RO) a Language and Communication Auditing Scheme (LCA) addressed to SMEs; training LC Auditors nationally training LCA Scheme Managers nationally (to ensure sustainability) … and, of course: by carrying out LC Audits in Italy, Hungary and Romania

14 WHEN The In-CLASS (Intercultural Communication and Language Assessment) Project (Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation, ref. no. LLP/LdV/ToI/2009/RO/010) is implemented between Jan 2010 – Jan 2012.

15 UEmploy: Consultancy for Employment Inclusion

16 CONTEXT … progress made by the EU towards inclusive employment, BUT employment rates for disabled citizens in most European countries remain very low. … most employers still have no real experience of employing a disabled person … proactive cooperation and counseling services for employers are needed….

17 WHAT WE PLAN TO DO The UEmploy project addresses this need … … by creating a dynamic model of consultancy services that promotes inclusive employment … … with a strong emphasis on support provided both to employers and people with disabilities.

18 INCLUSIVE EMPLOYMENT... locating new job opportunities for people with disabilities, focused on abilities and capacities rather than disabilities and difficulties … matching individual skills and needs to job requirements … consultancy services for employers: practical guidance on improved working environments, universal design and creative innovation

19 HOW WE PLAN TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL … carry out state-of-the-art research to identify advantages, legal provisions, services offered, experiences and best inclusive practices with regard to employment of people with disabilities … develop consultancy instruments (checklists and tools to describe job-specific competencies, support for job matching processes, potential problem identification, analysis of environmental obstacles, provision of employer recommendations)

20 HOW WE PLAN TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL … train consultants … pilot consultancy processes … develop consultancy networks and arrange continuous training of consultants … forge dynamic links with business and public agencies to ensure sustainability of the consultancy services.

21 WHEN The UEmploy Project (ref. no. 510784-LLP-1- 2010-1-RO-LEONARDO-LMP) is implemented between Jan 2011 – Dec 2012.

22 EuroEd Foundation (Romania) 1C Florilor Street 700513 Iasi, Romania Tel. +40-232-252850 Context Learning (Finland) Laivanvarustajankatu 3 00140 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358407247651 Enable Ireland Disability Services (Ireland) 32F Rosemount Park Drive, Rosemount Business Park, Ballycoolin Road, Dublin 11, Ireland. Tel. +353 21 429 0434 Euroinform (Bulgaria) 19 Slavyanska St, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria Tel. +35929872135+35929872135 Tudásklaszter Társadalom (Hungary) Zagrab u. 113, 6727 Szeged, Hungary Tel. + +36 62 637-760 Universal Learning Systems (Ireland) 34 Charleville Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7, Ireland Tel. +353 1 838 0970 P7 VATES (Finland) Oltermannintie 8, 00620 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358 9 7527 551 The partnership…

23 E

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