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a tool for assignment IP address to ICEPAP

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1 a tool for assignment IP address to ICEPAP
IPassign a tool for assignment IP address to ICEPAP Presented by Roberto Homs Member of BLISS group

2 IP assign tool IPassign is a basic tool to detect and configure remotely ICEPAP MASTERs on the network, even if they have wrong IP configuration. i. e. IP address associated to other Beam Line, where ICEPAP came from. Automatically detects ICEPAP MASTERs on the network Configures the hostname validated with DNS Writes in flash memory the configuration Remote reboot

3 advanced mode of configuration
This mode allows specialists do what they want ... Information: MAC Configuration: hostname IP mask gateway BC Writes: flash RAM Remote reboot

4 advanced mode of configuration
no panic! In case of error, the IP connectivity will not exist, so IPassign must be used again to reconfigure ICEPAP Master with good values.

5 Iog information Log / debug Save file timestamp cmds dump append

6 design review IPassign tool is supported on multicast protocol
HW filtering with a reserved virtual MAC address for multicast packages, and IP filtering for multicast class D address. class D address ( – ), reserved virtual MAC (01:00:5e:xx:xx:xx) receiver can have wrong IP data (IP addr, gateway, mask ...) UDP A listener program must be running in ICEPAP MASTER, which is launched at boot time. Bidirectional and errorless communication was implemented by in-house developed protocol with: destination / source ID package numbering function code CRC

7 multicast: subnet TTL = 1 IPassign
listener listener IPassign listener TTL = 1 is used in IPassign (not configurable) to prevent any interaction with other ESRF beam lines. (or ALBA BLs ...)

8 conclusions IPassign tool and listener program for ICEPAP module were developed and tested. Connectivity was restricted to a Beam Line (TTL=1). Structure and protocol created can be extended to use in other tasks where simultaneous communication with a group of receivers is needed, i. e. upgrading package files.

9 thanks for your attention!

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