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AO1 – Planning the Project  Unit 2: Collaborative Working.

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1 AO1 – Planning the Project  Unit 2: Collaborative Working

2 Unit 2: Collaborative Working Group Task You will be working in your groups to complete the work for this Assessment Objective.

3 Unit 2: Collaborative Working Generating Ideas A Mind map is a great way to generate ideas as a group. Use the website to create a group mind map to generate Notice each node branches off into other areas

4 Unit 2: Collaborative Working Allocation of Tasks Each member of the group must produce at least one page of the magazine insert. Allocate tasks like this example: TaskPerson Responsible Creation of front pageJohn Collating final productRicky

5 Unit 2: Collaborative Working Setting and Working to Deadlines Gantt Chart – used to plan deadlines for completion of tasks. Here is an example (for organising a show):

6 Unit 2: Collaborative Working Success Criteria Points you can measure against to see if your product is effective. Points to think about: – Un-biased – Appeals to the correct audience – Suitable amount of text and images – Spelling and grammar checked – Proofread final document

7 Unit 2: Collaborative Working AO1 Portfolio Evidence Explain, in detail, what the final product will be about and what details will be included. Create a mind map using to show the ideas you have generated as a Allocate tasks to each group member. Create a Gantt chart to set clear and appropriate deadlines. Identify a comprehensive range of success criteria.

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