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The French Revolution Begins. The Privileged Estates.

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1 The French Revolution Begins

2 The Privileged Estates

3 The First Estate Clergy (Church Workers) 1% of population Control 10% of land in France Give 2% of income to the French government

4 The Second Estate Rich Nobles 2% of France’s population Own 20% of the land Pay $0 in taxes

5 The Third Estate

6 97% of the population of France Includes: Bourgeoisie (Middle Class) Workers Peasants

7 Frequently out of work Paid low wages Taxes on staple goods 50% of income goes to taxes


9 Enlightenment Ideas

10 Beliefs: and liberty equality

11 Economic Troubles

12 Cost of living goes Drought makes grain scarce Bread prices go France gives to the American Revolution

13 Weak Leadership: Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

14 Refuses to listen to advisors Marie Antoinette earns the name “Madame Deficit” Excessive spending on: Result: Increase in France’s debt

15 A Solution? Louis decides the solution to debt is to TAX the Rich Nobles Calls a meeting of the Estates- General Each estate gets one vote

16 Creation of the National Assembly Third Estate calls for an equal vote Louis says “NO!” He sides with the nobles Siéyés – Clergyman who convinces the Third Estate to pass laws in the name of the people

17 National Assembly, cont. The Third Estate gets a new name! National Assembly Why is “National Assembly” a good name for the Third Estate?

18 What is the Third Estate? “Therefore, what is the Third Estate? Everything; but an everything shackled and oppressed. What would it be without the privileged order? Everything, but an everything free and flourishing. Nothing can succeed without it, everything would be infinitely better without the others.”

19 The Tennis Court Oath National Assembly (Third Estate) is locked out of the meeting! They meet on a tennis court to write a new constitution. King Louis calls for guards to surround Versailles.

20 The Storming of the Bastille People fear the arrival of the army. July 14, 1789 – French citizens storm the Bastille, looking for weapons

21 The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

22 The Rights of Man August 26, 1789 The Declaration of the Rights of Man is ratified by the National Assembly (formerly known as the Third Estate) “Men are born free and remain equal in rights.” Other guaranteed rights: speech, religion, equal justice

23 The Great Fear Sweeps France Women storm Versailles Demand lower bread prices Demand Louis return to Paris Louis returns…

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