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Regional Clearance System (Advance) Regional Clearance System (Advance) Development and Deployment of the NEW RCS Small Vessel Clearance System May 2012.

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1 Regional Clearance System (Advance) Regional Clearance System (Advance) Development and Deployment of the NEW RCS Small Vessel Clearance System May 2012


3 Agenda RCS Advance: Original RCS 2000 rebuilt Operated in St. Lucia and BVI as Pilot Pre-Arrival Notification: eSeaClear Harmonized Clearance Form with / Immigration Strategy for phased Deployment in Region

4 RCS Advance Complete rebuild using current Web technologies to improve user efficiency Functional improvements based on feedback from Assessment Site Visits (CCLEC & Developer) Data Entry module complete 2008 PAN module complete 2008 Data Query and Analysis module ready by 2009

5 Harmonized Entry Form

6 Registries Inport- Lists all vessels entered / inbound in a port Enroute- Lists all vessels that indicate intentions to visit a port / country – Through eSeaclear – Through being outbound at another port Outbound- Lists all vessels cleared out Overstay- Lists all vessels cleared and remaining past declared date of departure

7 In Port Registry

8 En Route Registry

9 Seizure Intelligence Database Database of seizures (Drugs, Cites, Commercial goods, Firearms, Human Trafficking, etc.) Enter New Seizures View Seizure details, offenders, photos Customs, Police, Coastguard- all agencies – Credit given to seizing agencies Regional and international publication, exposure (Canada, Caribbean, France, Netherlands, Spain, UK,)

10 Seizure Registry

11 Pilot and Rollout RCSA pilot program completed in St. Lucia and BVI 2008 to ensure: – Software worked under real-life conditions – Customs front-line staff ready for the new procedure – Immigration officers also able to facilitate speedier clearance

12 Pre-Arrival Notification Yacht operators able to enter all details of pending voyage via web based system: eSeaClear Customs able to conduct Risk Assessment PRIOR TO the arrival of vessel and crew Clearance information moved into RCSA by Customs staff with minimal effort…a few mouse clicks Caribbean Marine Association - CMA fully supports the deployment of eSeaClear and is actively promoting its use to yacht operators

13 Step 1: Voyage Details

14 Step 2: Crew Details

15 Step 3: Weapons Details

16 Step 4: Stores Details

17 Step 5: Confirmation

18 Pre-Arrival Notification Vessel Operator enters arrival notification: Notification immediately available to Customs:

19 Harmonized Clearance Form CCLEC coordinated efforts between Customs departments and approved a common Clearance Form for use with RCSA Additional fields of information added to form to help satisfy Immigration clearance procedures Critical that both Customs and Immigration can use the new system to speed Clearance for the yachting public

20 Pre-requisites for RCSA Agreement on the elements for the harmonized form Connectivity and recommended hardware Repositioning of the system to the front end of the clearance process. Engagement with Immigration Authorities Promote use and awareness of the system within local admins and yachting community Technical support – Systems admin and JIO – Tutoring, installation, daily, live support, analytical support

21 Strategy for Further Deployment Pilot program concluded 2008 Assess feedback and distribute report Expand system around pilot sites Progressive expansion to include all user countries based on readiness to implement Data remains owned and shared by regional administrations via MOU

22 RCSA Deployment BVI St. Lucia St. Vincent and Grenadines (Martinique) Dominica Montserrat St. Kitts and Nevis Anguilla St. Maarten

23 RCSA Deployment Cayman Islands Aruba and Curacao Antigua Grenada Bermuda RCS 2000 still operates in Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, Bonaire, Guadeloupe and remains available to all the above

24 RCS SUCCESSES Caribbean & Metro countries use RCS/RCSA with increased results Spain UK Canada France Netherlands

25 Summary RCS Advance up and running in many territories Pre-Arrival Notification- Enables Facilitation RCSA and eSeaclear designed to minimize data entry burden on Customs staff- Enables Facilitation of Yachting Public Pre-Arrival Notification helps support Intelligence Led Enforcement throughout the Region Complete RCSA and SID data query modules Communication forum of RCS 2000 and RCSA

26 Streamline maritime clearance processes – Facilitate legitimate yachting public Drug Seizures using RCS : over 30 tonnes ID maritime trafficking trends Locate suspect and wanted persons Track the movement of suspect yachts Platform for regional and international maritime anti-smuggling initiatives Register and Track the movement of arms and ammunition on yachts RCS SUCCESSES/ CAPABILITIES

27 Learning Points Regional need for such a system Clear contractual conditions must be set Wholly owned by region through CCLEC – CCLEC concept and mandate – Traditional, regional collaborative culture – Freedom to share system/ maximize usage benefits IPR/ Patent registration essential Reliable funding - members and marketing

28 Future Plans - CCLEC Develop/ Deploy a multi modal clearance system – Rapid deployment – More efficient and up to date technology – More user-friendly – Full collaboration with maritime community – Increased facilitation of yachting and traveling public – Secure Border Security usage (Customs, Immigration, etc.) – Increased border protection capabilities – Advertising / PR platform

29 END Thanks Questions?

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