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Ms. Lovejoy’s Health Education Class

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1 Ms. Lovejoy’s Health Education Class
Stress in Your Life Ms. Lovejoy’s Health Education Class

2 What is Stress Stress is the body’s and mind’s reaction to everyday demands or threats. Whether real or imagined. These demands produce measurable changes in both the body and the brain.

3 What are the kinds of Stress
Distress: Negative stress is where one does not know how to handle or cope with it. Eustress: Positive stress can help you achieve your goals.

4 What is a Stressor Stressor is any stimulus that produces a stress response. Stressors can be people, objects, places, events, or situations that cause you to react.

5 What are the five categories of stressors
Biological stressors come from biochemical imbalances, mental or physical illnesses, disabilities or injuries. Environmental stressors could be the following factors: poverty, pollution, and crowding. Cognitive or thinking stressors are the way in which one perceives a situation or what you expect from it.

6 Cont’d Personal behavior stressors are those negative reactions in the body and mind caused by using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, or not exercising Life situation stressors are having a relative or pet die, parents who seperate or divorce, or trouble in relationships with peers.

7 What is the Body’s Stress Response
When you perceive a situation or event to be a threat, your body begins a stress response. A series of events are put into action.

8 What are the 3 Stages In Which The Body Responses To Stressors
I. Alarm is the 1st stage in the stress response, when the body and the mind go on high alert. -Adrenaline is the “emergency hormone,” secreted by the adrenal glands to prepare the body to respond to a stressor. “Fight or Flight”

9 What is the 2nd Stage II. Resistance is the 2nd stage in the stress response, when the body tries to repair its damage from the stressful event and return to its normal state. -During this stage, physical resistance occurs. During this stage people can achieve incredible feats.

10 Incredible Feats

11 What is the 3rd Stage III. Fatigue is the 3rd stage of the stress response, resulting in a tired feeling that lowers one’s level of activity.

12 What are the 3 types Of Fatigue
Physical Fatigue appears after a long day. Muscles tend to be sore and tired Pathological Fatigue is brought on by overworking the body’s defenses in fighting disease. Psychological Fatigue can result from constant worrying, depression, boredom, and isolation.

13 Quick Review What is Distress and Eustress?
What are the 5 types of Stressors? What are the 3 ways in which the body responds to stress? What are 3 types of fatigue?


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