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Market Segmentation Introduction to Business & Marketing.

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1 Market Segmentation Introduction to Business & Marketing

2 Review Marketing Mix ◦ Product ◦ Place ◦ Price ◦ Promotion

3 Marketing Segmentation Market Segmentation: “dividing the total market into smaller groups of people who share specific needs & characteristics” ◦ Demographics ◦ Geographics ◦ Psychographics

4 Target Market Target Market: “focuses all marketing decisions on the specific group of people you want to reach” EXAMPLE: The Target Market for the School Store is high school students, parents, and Falcon fans. Student writes 2 more examples in notes of what they are the Target Market for

5 Demographics Demographics: “statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics” ◦ Age ◦ Race ◦ Gender ◦ Income level Used to describe Target Market Example: demographics for The School Store: ◦ Age: 14-18 ◦ Race: All races ◦ Gender: Male & Female ◦ Income Level: middle income

6 Geographics Geographics: “based on where people in the market live” ◦ Local ◦ Regional ◦ National ◦ Global Example: geographics for Ashburn Ice House ◦ Local hockey teams & fans ◦ Regional hockey teams

7 Psychographics Psychographics: “studies of consumers based on social & psychological characteristics” ◦ Attitudes ◦ Values ◦ Lifestyles Example: psychographics for me ◦ Attitude: positive outlook on life ◦ Values: no cheating, honesty, hard-work ◦ Lifestyle: budget-conscious, lives 15-miles from family, full-time employee

8 Vocab. Notebook – cont. Vocabulary Terms: 7. Target Market 10. Market segmentation 11. Demographic 12. Geographic 13. Psychographic VOCAB TERMDEFINITIONPHOTO 8. Marketing concept states that to make a profit a business must focus all efforts on satisfying the needs & wants of the customer You will draw a photo of something that helps you remember this term – keep it simple! profit

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