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Gender-based approaches in Lapland

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1 Gender-based approaches in Lapland
Petra Merenheimo University of Lapland (EQUAL)

2 Gender-specific features in business and working life
Family situation and its impact Segregation of branches Values and ways of working

3 Methods to support innovativeness
Gender-sensitive product development Gender-sensitive board work training => Gender-sensitive clustering

4 Putting equality plans into action
YXPISTE© Putting equality plans into action New method for discovering gender-blind spots in work places Mixing the branches of gender-expertise, research and theatre

5 YXPISTE© My salary meets my responsibilities
My salary meets my education The salary of the management level is fair (in my business sector)

New services into the markets and for export KIBS KIBS Creating and strengthening KIBS Sustainable marketing, gender-sensitive product development PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT => WOMEN’S INNOVATIONS Strategic planning => Board professionals and groups

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