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Unit 6 Lesson 12. Pair Work A Role Play B Part 2 Business Speaking.

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1 Unit 6 Lesson 12

2 Pair Work A Role Play B Part 2 Business Speaking

3 A. Pair work Task: Work with your partner to match the situations on the left to the conversations on on the right. (1) Manager and assistant who know each other (2) Two strangers (3) New manager and assistant A. Excuse me, my name is John, and I'm providing training for your staff today. Would you mind making some copies for me? No, not at all. B. Could you make some copies, please? Yes, of course. C. I need these photocopies made by three o'clock. Can you do it? Sure. I'll do them now. 1)-C 2)-A 3)-B

4 A: What does the IT department do? B: They deal with computer problems. 1. advertises and markets products. 2. deals with employees. 3. organizes payments. 4. develops new products. 5. sells the company's products. 6. sends goods for the company. 7. makes goods in the factory. 8. deals with customers' problems. B. Role play Task: Complete the following nine sentences by using the department names in the table on the right. Describe the departments to your partner. Follow the example. Dispatch Research &Development Production Sales After-Sales Finance Human Resources Marketing Logistics Import and Export Public Relations 1-Marketing, 2-Human Resources, 3-Finance, 4-Research& Development, 5-Sales, 6- Dispatch, 7- Production, 8-After-Sales

5 Part 3 Listening Practice A.Conversation 1)stereo 立体声 2)soda 苏打 3)thirsty 口渴的 4)dessert 甜点 5)whip up 迅速准备好 New words and Expressions

6 Task one: listen to the conversation and choose the best answer to each question you hear. 1.Where does this conversation most likely take place? A. At a park. B. At a school. C.At a birthday party. D. At a music recital. 2. What's the girl's name? A. Kathy. B. Karen. C. Nancy. D. Nanny. 3. Where does the girl probably live now? A.In Scotland. B. In France. C. In England. D. In the United States. 4. What does the girl' s father do for a living? A.He is a travel agent. B. He is a professor. C. He is a computer programmer. D. He is a French teacher. 5. What is one thing NOT mentioned about the girl's family? A. Why her parents lived in England for several years. B. Where her mother works at the present time. C. Where the girl grew up. D. How old the girl was when she moved to her present location.

7 Task two: listen to the conversation again and check (√) the correct piece of information. Preparations 1) Bob 2) Cathy 3)Peter 4) Joan 5) Monica CDs drinks CD player salad dessert √ √ √ √ √

8 Part 3 Listening Practice B. Passage 1)researcher 研究员 2)embarrassment 困窘 3)decline 拒绝 4)fairly 相当地 5)embarrass 使困窘 6)suitable 适当的 New words and Expressions

9 Task one: listen to the first part of the passage and write down three ways of asking to borrow a dollar. (1) _______________________ (2) _______________________ (3) _______________________ Could you lend me a dollar? Do you have a dollar? You don't have a dollar, do you?

10 Task two: listen to the passage again and fill in the blanks with what you hear. How does a person know which (1)__________to use? Language researchers have suggested that speakers must make several important (2)_____. First, they must consider the other person's feeling because requests can sometimes cause(3)__________to both the speaker and the listener. If the speaker thinks the listener will accept the request, he or she will probably use a(4)__________ request. However, if the speaker thinks the listener may(5)__________ the request, he or she will probably use a (6)____________formal request. The listener then has to make a choice either to accept or (7)__________ the request. If he or she refuses, then both the speaker and the listener might be (8)__________. request decisions embarrassment less formal fairly decline refuse embarrassed

11 Part 4 Fun Listening Listen to the song and fill in the blanks. I'm holding on your rope, Got me ten feet off the__________ I'm hearing what you say but I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait You tell me that you're sorry Didn't think I'd __________ and say It's too late to it's too late_________ I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late,too late turn around ground apologize

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