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Today we are going to explore the TLC Career Cluster webpage.

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1 Today we are going to explore the TLC Career Cluster webpage.
We are going to identify different components of Career clusters You will be creating a 1 minute presentation about a specific cluster. I have your groups.

2 Essential Questions What is a career field? What are career clusters?
What are career pathways?

3 Career Fields There are 6 major career fields.
Arts, Communication, and Information Systems Business, Marketing, and Management Health Sciences Human Resources and Services Industrial Manufacturing and Engineering Systems Environmental and Agricultural Systems

4 Career Clusters Health Science Education & Training
There are 16 career clusters Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications Information Technology Architecture & Construction Transportation Distribution & Logistics Manufacturing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Health Science Education & Training Government & Public Administration Human Services Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Business, Management & Administration Finance Hospitality & Tourism Marketing, Sales & Service

5 Career Pathways There are 81 Different pathways Too many to list.
But you can check them out here. Career Fair

6 Power Point TLC page 2

7 7thgroups.xls

8 Title Page Career Field Career Cluster Career Pathway Class Activities it offers Careers

9 Closure The purpose of today’s lesson is to ready you for our next lesson called Bridges. Here you will select your own clusters an explore the different fields and pathways it offers.

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