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1 Land use and Ecosystem Accounting – practical application Agnieszka Romanowicz.

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1 1 Land use and Ecosystem Accounting – practical application Agnieszka Romanowicz

2 2 The Implementation of Integrated Land and Ecosystem Accounts in Europe CORINE Land Cover 1990 and 2000 Enables us to map stock and change… … and to construct stock and flow accounts …and to report them using a range of different geographical frameworks

3 3 Land cover accounts. Background and Overview There is a growing demand for spatially explicit indicators for to support policies for nature, regional development, agriculture, transport, coastal management …

4 4 The approach used to generate the LEAC record for stock

5 5 Land cover change accounts: from maps to statistics LCF1Urban land management LCF2Urban residential sprawl LCF3Sprawl of economic sites and infrastructures LCF4Agriculture internal conversions LCF5Conversion from other land cover to agriculture LCF6Withdrawal of farming LCF7Forests creation and management LCF8Water bodies creation and management LCF9Changes due to natural & multiple causes Land cover 1990 & 2000 and land cover change are first converted to a grid (below, 3x3 km) Individual changes are grouped by land cover flows that describe processes

6 6 Flow accounts A flow account describing processes of land cover change in Europe, 24 countries, 1990-2000 A flow account describing processes of land cover change in Europe, 24 countries, 1990-2000 Hierarchical classification of land cover, 44 classes at most detailed level Hierarchical classification of flows ~the processes of land cover change…

7 7 Summary indicators

8 8 Artificial land uptake

9 9 Comparison of artificial land uptake by countries

10 10 Mapping flows: urban sprawl, by grid Patterns of urban sprawl across Europe, 24 countries, 1990-2000, 1km x 1km grid Patterns of urban sprawl across Europe, 24 countries, 1990-2000, 1km x 1km grid

11 11

12 12 Urban sprawl in close proximity of airports 21 airports; 4 buffer zones (5,10,15,20 km) LCF analysed: LCF1Urban land management: Internal transformation of urban areas. LCF2Urban residential sprawl: Land uptake by residential buildings altogether with associated services and urban infrastructure from non urban land LCF3Sprawl of economic sites and infrastructures: Land uptake by new economic sites and infrastructures (including sport and leisure facilities) from non urban land

13 13 CountryAirport5 km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas1630 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1299 IrelandDublin International1152 PortugalLisboa1043 GermanyLeipzig/Halle901 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam901 AustriaGraz International583 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle520 SpainMalaga502 SpainValencia/Manises490 CountryAirport10km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas5792 IrelandDublin International3002 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam2721 PortugalLisboa2362 GermanyLeipzig/Halle2213 SpainValencia/Manises2054 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos2024 SpainBarcelona1372 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle1129 FranceLyon Saint Exupery922 CountryAirport15km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas10742 IrelandDublin International5249 PortugalLisboa4976 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam4946 SpainValencia/Manises4091 GermanyLeipzig/Halle3432 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos3196 FranceLyon Saint Exupery1826 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle1733 SpainBarcelona1572 CountryAirport20km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas16127 PortugalLisboa9373 IrelandDublin International6920 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam6196 SpainValencia/Manises4932 GermanyLeipzig/Halle4332 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos3910 FranceLyon Saint Exupery2337 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle2220 FranceParis Orly1990 Total changes whit in each of the buffer zones

14 14 CountryAirportLCf1 15km buffer IrelandDublin International1568 SpainMadrid/Barajas1380 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam1254 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1191 PortugalLisboa618 FranceLyon Saint Exupery601 PolandWarszawa / Okecie364 GermanyLEIPZIG/HALLE248 SpainMalaga237 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle229 CountryAirportLCF1 10km buffer GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1191 IrelandDublin International950 SpainMadrid/Barajas844 FranceLyon Saint Exupery492 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam414 PortugalLisboa392 SpainMalaga237 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle219 PolandWarszawa / Okecie155 HungaryBudapest/Ferihegy142 CountryAirportLCF1 5km buffer GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1191 IrelandDublin International452 PortugalLisboa222 SpainMalaga173 FranceLyon Saint Exupery137 United KingdomLondon Heathrow121 SpainMadrid/Barajas110 United KingdomLondon/City91 HungaryBudapest/Ferihegy58 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle48 CountryAirportLCF1 20km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas2759 IrelandDublin International1832 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam1405 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1322 PortugalLisboa881 FranceLyon Saint Exupery736 LithuaniaVilnius532 PolandWarszawa / Okecie510 GermanyHAMBURG388 GermanyLEIPZIG/HALLE304 LCF 1- Urban land management: Internal transformation of urban areas

15 15 CountryAirport LCF2 5km buffer PortugalLisboa423 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam276 SpainMadrid/Barajas260 Romania Bucuresti / Baneasa-Aurel Vlaicu206 AustriaGraz International185 IrelandDublin International113 United KingdomNottingham105 PolandWarszawa / Okecie99 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle92 GermanyLeipzig/Halle84 CountryAirport LCF2 10km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas1372 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam1161 PortugalLisboa1033 SpainValencia/Manises685 IrelandDublin International538 GermanyLeipzig/Halle405 FranceNice Cote D Azur333 PolandWarszawa / Okecie322 Romania Bucuresti / Baneasa-Aurel Vlaicu252 AustriaGraz International244 CountryAirportLCf2 15km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas2675 PortugalLisboa2623 IrelandDublin International1488 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam1429 SpainValencia/Manises1429 FranceNice Cote D Azur891 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos827 GermanyLeipzig/Halle672 PolandWarszawa / Okecie427 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle395 CountryAirportLCF2 20km buffer PortugalLisboa5354 SpainMadrid/Barajas3923 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam2010 IrelandDublin International1993 SpainValencia/Manises1858 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1290 FranceNice Cote D Azur1188 GermanyLeipzig/Halle844 PolandWarszawa / Okecie651 GermanyBerlin-Tegel587 LCF2Urban residential sprawl: Land uptake by residential buildings

16 16 CountryAirport LCF3 5km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas1260 GermanyLeipzig/Halle817 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam590 IrelandDublin International587 SpainValencia/Manises411 PortugalLisboa398 AustriaGraz International385 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle380 SpainBarcelona367 SpainMalaga269 CountryAirport LCF3 10km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas3576 GermanyLeipzig/Halle1808 IrelandDublin International1514 SpainValencia/Manises1300 SpainBarcelona1162 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam1146 PortugalLisboa937 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos763 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle722 SpainMalaga525 CountryAirport LCf3 15km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas6687 GermanyLeipzig/Halle2512 SpainValencia/Manises2489 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam2263 IrelandDublin International2193 PortugalLisboa1735 SpainBarcelona1325 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1178 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle1109 FranceLyon Saint Exupery967 CountryAirport LCF3 20km buffer SpainMadrid/Barajas9445 GermanyLeipzig/Halle3184 PortugalLisboa3138 IrelandDublin International3095 SpainValencia/Manises2901 NetherlandsSchiphol/Amsterdam2781 FranceParis Charles De Gaulle1510 SpainBarcelona1461 FranceParis Orly1361 GreeceAthinai/Eleftherios Venizelos1298 LCF3Sprawl of economic sites and infrastructures

17 17 Total amount of hectares changed within each buffer for LCF 1,2 and 3

18 18

19 19

20 20

21 21

22 22

23 23

24 24 Conclusions Urban sprawl in Europe between 1990 - 2000 was very significant Low cost airlines share of total European flights is growing Many of the airports are now within the city limits, therefore there is more pressure on i.e. reduction of flights; limits for the hours for take off and landing=> noise levels getting too high for the residents living in close proximity Due to changes in consumption patterns new sites of services are developed New airports are being developed=>new infrastructure will be develop for the airport and transport network to and out of the airport

25 25 Future perspective on the usage of LEAC tool in the noise mapping from the airports Redistribution of the population to urban class in the Corine map=> proxy calculation of the size of the population exposed to noise CLC 2006=> new analysis of the urban sprawl in the close proximity to the airports => 2000-2006 large increase in low cost airlines Mapping of the integrated analysis in distributed way

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