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New indicators: measuring progress of cohesion policy Committee of the Regions.

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1 New indicators: measuring progress of cohesion policy Committee of the Regions

2 Summary The use of indicators "beyond GDP" at regional level: potentials and problems The RUICS (Regione Umbria innovation & competitveness scoreboard) Multidimensional Indicator of innovation, development and social cohesion The use of new regional and local indicators The experience of Umbria Region If you can not measures it, you can not improve it (Lord Kelvin)

3 The use of new regional and local indicators potentials and problems GDP or not GDP: that is the question! Questions to solve: synthetic index (Gdp) VERSUS multidimensionality of the wellbeing "Objectives" phenomena, "perceptions measuring. Absolute values and/or percentage changes. Shared methods? How to aggregate the indicators? (normalization, weight of the key indicators, etc...) Availability of large significant and durable time series, (stronger problems for regional data) Entrust the choice (implicit) of the priorities to the technicians? Are better explicit policy objectives? Who should decide?

4 RUICS: methodology Regione Umbria innovation & competitiveness scoreboard Synthetic indexesThematic areasN° Key indicators RUICS RUIS Human resources5 Knowledge creation6 Financial and product innovations, and market structure 6 RUMES Opening to the outside (internationalization) 5 Economic Growth6 28 key indicators, 5 thematic areas Three synthetic indicators: RUIS (innovation), RUMES (competitiveness) and RUICS (synthesis)

5 RUICS: methodology Indicators of "input" (effort to improve or maintain the competitive capacity) Indicators of output (results) Rating of the evolution over time of all 28 key indicators and of the 3 synthetic indexes, for all Italian regions Is Umbria positioned better or worse than other regions? Has Umbria improved or worsened over the years?

6 Umbria ranks 10th... Following all the centre- north regions except Marche and Valle d'Aosta Umbria improves (not much) since the early years... but performs much better than last year RUICS: Main Results


8 The North is further ahead... but it slows The South is far behind... but it recovers Umbria is in the middle... but it performs better than the average Who goes up and who goes down…

9 The multi-dimensional indicator Introduction and methodology From Ruics to the multidimensional indicator : same methodology, same representation modality but... expansion of under investigation areas. Scientific analysis, but above all a political choice : the dashboard of strategic legislative program Methodology first of all identification of a large number of indicators with certain characteristics (approximately 100), among which were selected a large number of key indicators (47), divided into 7 thematic areas. GDP measures everything, except that which makes life worthwhile (Robert Kennedy)

10 Thematic areas - Synthetic IndexesN. Key indicators Economic and productive system6 Labour market5 Environment7 Social Cohesion and Security6 Education and Training6 Innovation and research8 Health and welfare9 The multi-dimensional indicator Methodology Starting position of Umbria Evolution over time of key indicators and synthetic indexes

11 The multidimensional indicator Main results Umbria in 9th place in the indicator multidimensional innovation, development and social cohesion.......Remaining in the same position in 2008

12 Thematic areas - Synthetic indexes Umbria location Evolution over time Rating Economic and production system12 Labour market11 Environment14 Social cohesion and security3 Education and training3 Innovation and Research9 Health and welfare7 The indicator multidimensional Main Results

13 Labour market In 2009 Umbria is at 11th place, losing three positions compared to 2008 The indicator multidimensional Main Results

14 Social cohesion and security In 2009 Umbria is at 3rd place, improving two positions compared to 2008 The indicator multidimensional Main Results

15 Umbria Experience Lessons to be learned and conclusions Assessing to learn, knowing to decide Accountability, Transparency, democracy Making the Cohesion Policy more oriented to results: In the new post-2013 programs: Set of indicators in innovation, competitiveness and social cohesion Target values of Europe 2020 Path to benchmark regions to be monitored annually A joke is a very serious thing (Winston Churchill)

16 Thank you for your attention!

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