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Sustainability Issues

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1 Sustainability Issues
CHAPTER 11 Sustainability Issues

2 Chapter Objectives To define the nature of sustainability as it relates to social responsibility To explore a variety of environmental issues faced by business and society To examine the impact of environmental policy and regulations To discuss a strategic approach to respond to environmental issues

3 Sustainability Sustainability is the potential for long-term well-being of the natural environment, including all biological entities, as well as the interaction among nature and individuals, organizations, and business strategies. Sustainability includes the assessment and improvement of business strategies, economic sectors, work practices, technologies, and lifestyles while maintaining the natural environment.

4 Global Environmental Issues
Natural environment The physical world, including all biological entities as well as the interaction among nature, individuals, and organizations Protection of air, land, biodiversity, water, and renewable natural resources Increasingly, companies are incorporating environmental issues into their overall business strategies

5 Biodiversity Deforestation, pollution, development, and urban sprawl have put increasing pressure on wildlife, plants, and their habitats. Many ecologists believe that the loss of species threatens the success of entire ecosystems.

6 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The most influential regulatory agency that deals with environmental issues and enforces environmental legislation Protects Americans from significant health risks in their work environment Manages environmental risks Is an integral part of U.S. policy Contributes to diverse, sustainable, and economically productive communities and ecosystems Enforces laws and provides information Plays a leadership role in dealing with other countries’ environmental policies

7 Environmental Legislation
Clean Air Act Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Endangered Species Act Toxic Substances Control Act American Clean Energy Act

8 Environmental Legislation
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act Toxic Release Inventory Pollution Prevention Act Food Quality Protection Act

9 Alternative Energy Alternative energy sources reduce global carbon emissions and our dependence on traditional energy sources.

10 Business Response to Environmental Issues
Green marketing is specific development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products that produce less harm to the environment.

11 Other Environmental Initiatives
Emissions reduction Socially responsible buying

12 Stakeholder Assessment
A process requiring acknowledging and actively monitoring the environmental concerns of all legitimate stakeholders

13 Risk Analysis An analysis performed by a company to identify environmental issues that relate to manufacturing, marketing, consumption, and usage patterns associated with its products

14 The Strategic Environmental Audit
Organizations conduct an independent audit and report the results to all interested stakeholders. Organizations developed ISO as a comprehensive set of environmental standards that encourage a cleaner, safer, healthier world.

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