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JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Workshop in GHG and NH3 emission inventories and projections Inventories - recommendations.

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1 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Workshop in GHG and NH3 emission inventories and projections Inventories - recommendations

2 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Inventory systems For many CEE countries, the development of the inventory system is in an initial phase, relaying on simple / Tier 1 methodologies for all categories. Funding of the NIS is scarce. These countries would profit from the experience made in other countries to move to higher Tier methodologies for key categories, both other CEEC or EU-15 countries.

3 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Collaboration in research projects There is a need for collaborations between countries to develop national emission factors/parameters and to exchange experiences for improving inventories. A coordination of cooperation/working groups (e.g. from EC), could help to trigger national support, would help to improve focusing the efforts and to avoid overlap in projects ACTION: JRC will collect information on ongoing/planned projects and make it available to all participants

4 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Methodologies Agricultural systems are facing large changes and need in some categories time varying rather than fixed emission factors/parameters National factors developed in some countries show large differences to default factors, which might therefore inappropriate for some categories; default factors might be more appropriate for other categories (direct emissions from soils) where more experimental observations are needed to obtain a critical mass required to calculate national factors Comparability of emission factors across the countries is poor. As many countries have not the resources to develop Tier 2 methodologies, the use simple models, based on easily available data, to estimate emission factors should be developed to enable the calculation of consistent time series of emissions in key sources, based on the same approach across a region.

5 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Transparency of the inventory should be improved, this relates not only to the background information for national factors / models used, but also to the choice of default emission factors/parameters used from the IPCC guidelines ACTION: Examples for possible collaboration are the approach by Slovakia in relating CH4 from enteric fermentation to milk productivity based on detailed calculations made in countries with similar conditions and the experiences by Slovenia in deriving national emission factors / parameters as influenced by farm structure / size

6 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Activity data Disagreement between national statistics and international data (FAO, EUROSTAT) have been found to be important in some cases. In some cases time series contain inconsistencies Consistency between national statistics and default parameters must be ensured; definition of animal categories etc. ACTION Countries where disagreement between national statistics and international datasets have been detected are encouraged to investigate the reason for the discrepancies Countries with inconsistencies in the time series should investigate how these can be removed Countries are encouraged to carefully assess the consistency of national livestock categories

7 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 Emission factors/parameters Due to the lack of resources and activity data, national emission factors/parameters are difficult to obtain However, in several (key) categories, a link of the EFs to the production systems is required to reflect national circumstances ACTION: Countries are encouraged to consider the following areas with priority for inventory improvement: N excretion factors Manure Management systems –Housing systems –Grazing patterns –Storage systems –Application systems N2O from crop residues The use of farm structure / farm size information has been shown to be a simple way to improve emission estimates

8 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03 General issues Carbon dioxide emissions / stock changes are not appropriately reflected in national inventories and should be included. Link between NH3 and GHG inventories ACTION: Countries are encouraged to implement the 2003 GPG LULUCF Countries are encouraged to apply the mass-flow approach for nitrogen emissions related to livestock production Input into IPCC revision

9 JRC – Brussels on 19.09.03

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