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Road Safety Conference 23 October 2007 – Vilnius (Lithuania) Road Safety: challenges and reality in the EU Zoltan Kazatsay EC/ DG TREN, Deputy Director-General.

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Presentation on theme: "Road Safety Conference 23 October 2007 – Vilnius (Lithuania) Road Safety: challenges and reality in the EU Zoltan Kazatsay EC/ DG TREN, Deputy Director-General."— Presentation transcript:

1 Road Safety Conference 23 October 2007 – Vilnius (Lithuania) Road Safety: challenges and reality in the EU Zoltan Kazatsay EC/ DG TREN, Deputy Director-General

2 | 2 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Road safety policy (a shared responsibility) White Paper on Transport 2001 Road Safety Action Programme 2003 Mid term review of Road Safety Action Programme 2006


4 | 4 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Fatalities - evolution 1990-2010



7 | 7 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Main causes of road fatalities Speeding:11 000 / year Alcohol:10 000 / year No seat belts:10 000 / year Pedestrians:2 000 / year Saturday Night Fever:2000 / year (pop aged 18-25 on weekend nights)

8 | 8 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) An integrated approach User behaviour Education Driving licences Enforcement Campaigns Vehicle safety Passive and active safety Technical inspection Road Infrastructure safety European Road Safety Charter Observatory (incl. accident data)

9 | 9 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Education: professional drivers. Transposition of Directive 2003/59/EC of 15 July 2003 (10 September 2006). Training of professional drivers » Initial qualification » Periodic training. Digital tachograph. Working (driving) / resting time

10 | 10 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Training of professional drivers. Initial qualification » Option combining both course attendance and a test/option involving only test » Initial qualification / accelerated initial qualification » Minimum ages for the driving of heavy vehicles / Minimum ages for carrying out the profession of drivers. Periodic training » Periodicity/driving licence Directive » 35 hours every 5 years » Contents of the periodic training

11 | 11 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Driving Licence: whats new? Anti fraud measures : credit card size, administrative validity 10 years only (up to 15 years possible), one licence only for each driver, optional microchip Harmonization of the periodicity of medical checks for professional drivers (5 years) Minimum requirements for the training of examiners Better harmonization of categories (two-wheels vehicles): staged access from the light motorcycles to the most powerful ones

12 | 12 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Different driving licence models

13 | 13 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) The single European model

14 | 14 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) OBJECTIVE : Improving road behaviour. by encouraging road users to comply with traffic regulations to reduce deaths, injuries and accidents » Step 1: Commission recommendation (2003) » Step 2: Directive, incl. cross border enforcement (in preparation) Enforcement of road safety rules

15 | 15 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Directive proposal :. Cross border follow up for certain traffic offences committed by non residents. Speeding, drink-driving, non wearing of seat belts (helmets), also social legislation. Convergence of enforcement practices. Type-approval of enforcement devices at EU level Enforcement of road safety rules

16 | 16 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol : nearly 1 accident in 4 still can be attributed to excessive alcohol consumption. Prevalence of drug and medicine consumption in accidents can reach 15%. Reduction of the number of accidents under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances is therefore imperative

17 | 17 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Alcohol. BAC limits, more harmonised within the EU to provide a clearer and more consistent message to drivers » In some MS: also a lower BAC limit for some groups of drivers (novice or professional drivers): 0,0 mg/ml (SI, DE dangerous goods vehicles), 0,1 mg/ml (AT), 0,2 mg/ml (EL, FR for bus drivers) and 0,3 mg/ml (ES)

18 | 18 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines (DRUID). Research project DRUID: 4 y., EC contribution = nearly 19 M. Expected outcome » Fixing thresholds defined for driving a power-driven vehicle. » Evaluation of the best tracking devices. » Define strategies of driving bans and rehabilitation schemes for drivers. » Define the doctors' legal responsibility.

19 | 19 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Campaigns against drink-driving, supported by the EU The European Night without accident The Euro-BOB campaign

20 | 20 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA). Front protection of vulnerable users. Blind spot mirrors for existing trucks (retrofitting) – New Directive 2007/38 (11 July 2007). Daytime running lights (DRL) for both existing & new vehicles. EC and industry in joint initiative "eSafety Aware!" to promote, among others, Electronic Stability Control for all cars Vehicle safety

21 | 21 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Blind angle mirror (Dir. 2007/38 of 11 July 2007) : improving the drivers rear vision Drivers eyes Direct eye sight Class IV new Class V new Class II Class IV old x Truck Class V old Additional vision

22 | 22 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Campaign « choose ESC! » (EU granted) by FIA Foundation Bringing eSafety (Electronic Stability Control) to the market through awareness Operation Mar.2007-Mar.2008 Demo, seminars, video, brochure, press releases, etc. Partners in DE, EL, ES, IT, NL, NO, AT, FI, SE, UK, … /

23 | 23 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA). Tunnels Directive 2004/54/EC. Road infrastructure safety management - Proposal adopted (05.10.2006) – co-decision procedure (EP + Council) Road safety impact assessment Road safety audits Network safety management (treatment of high-risk road sections) Road inspections Infrastructure

24 | 24 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) The Road Safety Charter The extension of the shared responsibility concept to civil society Signatories commit themselves to concrete and measurable actions Commission creates awareness and makes commitments public Logo Awards Presentations Reports and newsletters

25 | 25 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) The EU Road Safety Observatory. CARE database: Collect, analyse and disseminate road safety data and knowledge. A light form of a road safety agency. Internal Commission structure


27 | 27 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) The European Road Safety day to raise awareness (every year) In 2007 main objectives were:. To give the floor to young people associations already active in the field of road safety. To address road safety issues of specific importance and interest for young drivers: » Driving under influence: drink-driving; drugs and driving » Training and Education

28 | 28 ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE - VILNIUS (LITHUANIA) Thank you for your attention!

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