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Institute for Environment and Sustainability1 POMI Kick-off Meeting 07/03/2008.

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1 Institute for Environment and Sustainability1 POMI Kick-off Meeting 07/03/2008

2 Institute for Environment and Sustainability2 9:30-10:00 Introduction to the Region Lombardy and POMI projects JRC 10:00-10:20 Summary of the CTN-ACE modeling exercise over the PO-Valley. ARPA Lombardy 10:20-10:40 Meteorological modeling – MM5 simulations: Model configuration & output format – Preliminary model evaluation JRC 10:40-11:00 Coffee break 11:00-11:20 Monitoring data: AQ network overview (coverage, species,…), selection of the meteorological year. ARPA Lombardy 11:20-12:20 Model overviews (EMEP, CHIMERE, RCG, CAMx, AURORA, Others) Modelling groups 12:30-13:30 Lunch 13:30-16:00 Technical discussion -Modelling domains -Emission inventory (Base-case) -Emission scenarios -Boundary conditions -Output formatting -Model inter-comparison software -Time schedule -AOB JRC POMI : Agenda

3 Institute for Environment and Sustainability3 POMI : Overview (I) Objectives –Analyse the effectiveness of regional emission abatement measures on air quality within the Po-Valley (in particular over the Lombardy region) for different time horizons (2010 2020). Investigate the added value of regional.vs. European scale measures. –Use of the ENSEMBLE approach for a more robust response and for uncertainty estimate –Assess the modelling uncertainty associated to different factors, e.g. scale, resolution, emissions, boundary conditions, meteorology, … –Use the most updated information to feed AQ models (e.g. emissions) Modelling groups –Contracts: CHIMERE, CAMx, EMEP, AURORA & RCG –JRC, TCAM, (FARM?) –Participation of other groups is welcome with flexibility on time period & modelling domains

4 Institute for Environment and Sustainability4 POMI : Overview (II)

5 Institute for Environment and Sustainability5 POMI : Overview (III) Meteorological year –Full year 2005 (from MM5, WRF and/or TRAMPER) Focus –Long-term simulations for PM (daily) & O3 (hourly) Scenarios Time span ( End 2010) EUROPEPo-ValleyLombardy Total CHIMERE 4105 19 EMEP 410 14 REM 105 15 CAMx 105 15 AURORA 105 15

6 Institute for Environment and Sustainability6 POMI: Overview (IV) Base Case 2005 (BC) Policy oriented scenarios Current Legislation (CLE) Maximum Technical Feasible (MTFR) Air Quality Plan (AQP) Cost Effective Scenario (CES) In 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2020 Sensitivity scenarios Estimate of regional and transboundary backgrounds Impact of boundary conditions calculation Impact of meteorological driver choice Impact of updated emission inventory information (Inemar & traffic)

7 Institute for Environment and Sustainability7 POMI : Overview (V) AQ / Effect indicators PM10 annual average O3 SOMO 35 YOLL … Measures & Costs Tech / Non tech Sectoral (LPS, Traffic, Other) Pollutant ( PM, NOx, VOC, NH3, SO2 ) Geographical sub-domains Multi objective Cost-effective Optimum S/R relationships Cost data Integrated Assessment (Lombardy) Development of a regional tool to analyse the impact of emission abatement measures (via indicators) and identify the most cost-effective way of reducing emissions (in terms of activity and location) INPUT TO POMI Spring 2010

8 Institute for Environment and Sustainability8 POMI : Overview (VI) M A M J J A S O N D 2009 2010 2005-2012(2) FS Meteo 2005 Bound. C. Simul. Analysis Others Emis. Inv. 2005 2012 (2) Integrated Assessment 2005 2012 (2) Remaining scen Traffic modelling CES Remaining scen Remaining Scen INEMAR Update

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