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Vision A more effective system for classifying, storing, linking, matching and retrieving art images.

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0 ARTISTE Project Presentation
Gert Presutti Project Manager, NCR SE-Copenhagen Roberto Vaccaro R&D Project Manager, Interactive Labs (Giunti Publishing Group) Tool: Slides.ppt (original filename: ncr-a4.ppt) Found in TKC -> Public Relations -> Brand Identity -> “NCR A4 PowerPoint Template” Date: (Saved in SE-Copenhagen) Owner: PB

1 Vision A more effective system for classifying, storing, linking, matching and retrieving art images

2 ARTISTE - An EU RTD Project
NCR (Coordinator) IT Innovation Center Giunti Interactive Labs The National Gallery Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France Uffizi Multimedia Research Group Victoria and Albert Museum Budget on € 2.77M (EC € 1.8M) 22.5 man years over 30 months

3 ARTISTE Objectives Business Objectives
Identify how the technical systems developed in the project can be deployed and exploited in a number of sectors Establish business models that give the content owners direct control over the distributed representation, access and exploitation of digital multimedia content and metadata Ensure that the vision and results of the project become as widely known and understood as possible

4 ARTISTE Objectives Technical Objectives
Meet specified end-user requirements for achieving a system directly useful to professional users in the fine arts. Develop automatic metadata representations for image categorisation Develop seamless distributed access to multiple collections Develop distributed content-based navigation methods for art collections Develop image analysis algorithms to assist the work of Art Professionals Build and prove the value of a robust and scalable integrated environment that incorporates the above components using the TeraData Object-Relational database

5 Core Technologies Distributed links server software, user interfaces, and content-based navigation software Content based analysis for the automatic extraction of color, shape and texture features Art collection integration through a web based architecture Teradata Object Relational database for the effective management and analysis of huge repository of large high resolution images Dynamic metadata system for image categorization primarily based on XML

6 ARTISTE System Architecture
Common Metadata Schema Object-relational UDM Presentation Layer Art DB Authored Links (Replicated) Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Meta data Distributed Query and Metadata Layer reference information Web Server Browser Third-party background server

7 ARTISTE Business Model
Researchers, historians and conservators New research, results and techniques Access control Images Support Services Images Educational course creators Images Images Educational material Gallery branded sites Images Publishers Images Images for publication Galleries and other content owners Payment handling Payment Payment

8 ARTISTE System Milestones
1. Prototype: Initial Query-layer and sample algorithms based on initial user requirements 3. Prototype: Metadata incorporated, content-based navigation, and initial recognition algorithms PM6 PM12 PM18 PM24 PM30 PM0 2. Prototype: Design complete, Distributed linking and initial pigment identification algorithms based on final user requirements 4. Final System PM = Project Month

9 ARTISTE Documentation Milestones
Prototype evaluation: PM10, PM16, PM22, PM30 Report on Data Capture, PM9 Image content analysis algorithms report, PM24 ARTISTE Metadata Standards Positioning, PM30 Description of Linking and content based navigation technology, PM24 User Interface description, PM24 User Defined Module report, PM12 System Integration report, PM26 ARTISTE Web, PM2 Dissemination and Exploitation plans, PM6 Collection Management systems Migration report, PM24 ORDBMS Requirements analysis, PM12 ORDBMS support evaluation, PM24 ORDBMS enhancements, PM24 ARTISTE TIP, PM30 PM = Project Month

10 User Groups User Partners: Partners of the project who provide detailed requirements and monitor and test the system (Uffizi, C2RMF, VAM, NG). User profiles: The project targets a wide range of profiles. More generally, the User profiles profile group, is set by those, who will use the application directly and will have their activities supported. (museums curators, researchers, historians, conservators, publishers and editors, auctioneers, art amateurs). Other Users: who has an interest in the system or is affected by its functioning without directly using it (education and mass end users, support personnel).

11 User Goals G1: Matching of similar images
G2: Automatic search using synonyms G3: Search based on the concept of style G4: Search based on features oriented to the restoration framework G5: Access information quickly and easily G6: Search based on colour, pigment features G7: Query by low quality images (faxes) G8: Query by sketch G9: Query refinement G10: Joint retrieval by content and by text G11: Use of publishing products built on the Artiste system G12: Detail finding G13: Search using multilingual vocabulary

12 Some Examples Victoria and Albert Museum

13 Some examples (continued) C2RMF
Seneque: Colour image (Louvre) normal light acquisition, craquelure network racking light acquisition, crack in the wood

14 Some examples (continued): C2RMF
Seneque: Colour image (Louvre) UV acquisition, repeints reverse acquisition, tool marks, crack in the wood

15 ARTISTE AIUG and Advisory Panel
Members of the Artiste Interest User’s Group will: Receive the AIUG Newsletter giving regular updates on the project's progress, plus news on related subjects and events Receive invitations to attend workshops where you will see how the project vision is developing and meet other professionals to exchange views (first workshop due to take place towards the end of 2000) Have other opportunities to provide feedback to the project and influence how it develops to meet the needs of professionals Members of the ARTISTE Advisory Panel will: Review selected deliverables or assess ARTISTE prototypes Provide guidelines on the overall direction of the project. Occasionally participate in ARTISTE PMT Meetings

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