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EEurope or The Uptake of Information Technology Istanbul, 9 November 2000 Horst Forster European Commission.

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1 eEurope or The Uptake of Information Technology Istanbul, 9 November 2000 Horst Forster European Commission

2 The New Economy and the Knowledge Society New technologies are driving the economy all sectors, all business increase productivity create new business open new markets => A networked economy is the key factor for growth, competitiveness and employment

3 New Economy and Productivity Gains Increasing role of ICT Rapid-pace innovation Restructuring of enterprises and markets Strong non-inflationary growth / Low unemployment Source: The Economist, Sept Technology improvements + New ways of working = Increase of productivity US non-farm productivity grew by an annual average of 3.5% Output per hour Onward and upward American productivity: =100 Trend Actual 1% 2.2% 3.5%

4 Mobile Penetration per 100 inh. End 1999 Source: ESIS EU average: 44 Internet Penetration per 100 inh. End ,5 EU average: 34 The Technological Drivers

5 Technological Challenges More handsets connected to the Internet than PCs by end of ,400 1,200 1, IP Handsets Projected Cellular Subscribers Projected PCs Connected to the Internet Million Mobile meets Internet

6 Societal Challenges The Digital Divide Within Regions Up to % Online EU-15 Regional Divide Internet Penetration

7 Other Societal Challenges Skills shortage of qualified employees for ICT industry –demand of IT and eBusiness skills will grow in Europe from 14.4 million in 2000 to 22 million in 2003 –skills shortage growing from 1.9 to 2.8 million equivalent jobs Improving network security and combating cybercrime –trust in the information society

8 Bring every citizen, school, business and administration online create a digitally literate and entrepreneurial Europe ensure an inclusive information society Objectives

9 Cheaper, faster, secure Internet –Cheaper and faster Internet access –Faster Internet for researchers and students –Secure networks and smart cards Investing in people and skills –European youth into the digital age –Working in the knowledge-based economy –Participation for all in the knowledge-based economy Stimulating the use of the Internet –Accelerating e-commerce –Government online: electronic access to public services –Health online –European digital content for global networks –Intelligent transport systems

10 160 bn 191 bn Telecoms services market Network operators Fast-growing market More choice Some prices down Incumbents still dominate 96% Incumbents market share 1997 / % Prices 1997 / % international local + 7% Telecom liberalisation of 1 Jan 1998: Work in progress

11 The Telecom Package Spectrum Decision (Art. 95) Liberalisation Directive (Art. 86) Framework Directive (Art. 95) Authorisation Directive Access & Interconnection Directive Users Rights Directive Data Protection Directive Unbundled local loop Regulation

12 IST Programme 3.6 B Research networking Future & emerging technologies Systems & services for the citizen Essential technologies & infrastructure 319 M 646 M 547 M564 M 1363 M 161 M Multimedia content & tools New methods of working & electronic commerce

13 Some ideas (1) => Improve access to Internet techno-economic studies of best options join GEANT high speed access for universities

14 Some ideas (2) => Investing in people and skills provide school access in Internet promote eLearning training and retraining

15 Some ideas (3) => Stimulate eCommerce

16 Funding opportunities IST Programme IST Programme ( , 3.6 B) EU Pre-accession Funds EU Delegation in Turkey (2001, 150 M for 2001) Participation in 5th FP (60 M for 2001) The EUMEDIS Initiative The EUMEDIS Initiative (56 M for 2001) Funding of regional Pilot Information Society projects

17 Turkish Participation in the IST Programme IST-TÜBITAK arrangement EC ProgrammesIndustry Dedicated National Funds

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