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IES - Institute for Environment and Sustainability Ispra - Italy Joint Research Centre (JRC)

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1 IES - Institute for Environment and Sustainability Ispra - Italy Joint Research Centre (JRC) JRC Place on dd Month YYYY – Event Name1

2 AFOLUDATA Data/metadata handling in the Climate Change Unit Leip A. :: Marchi G. :: Sanmartin F. CCU - IES - DG JRC November 20 th, 2008 WORK IN PROGRESS and other CCU contributors

3 AFOLUDATA background Commission Decision 2005/166/EC –Implementing Commission Decision 280/2004/EC –JRC scientific and technical support in LULUCF (Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry) JRC task in EC GHG Monitoring Mechanism –Project Green House Gases in Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Uses (GHG AFOLU) –Understand and quantify better agriculture and forestry role in Climate Change mitigation Information system of JRC project GHG AFOLU

4 AFOLUDATA broad objectives Sharing of EU data sets, models, tools Transparent, complete, consistent and comparable estimates of GHG emissions and removals Data harmonization and distribution GHG inventory stakeholders, scientists

5 AFOLUDATA objectives Overview on CC related policy and bodies (esp. EU level and AFOLU sector) Info on research projects to understand and quantify the GHG balance of EU terrestrial ecosystems and associated uncertainty at different scales Databases and tools for carbon stocks in LULUCF and GHG fluxes assessment in EU AFOLU sector (different methods)

6 Data management 1.Preparation 2.Storage 3.Maintenance/update 4.Elaboration & analysis 5.Distribution & documentation (import/export)

7 Need for metadata Indexing and inventory Description for application Search (speed, gaps, redundancy) Reliability and currency Exchange and compatibility Ease of use

8 Metadata definitions Information, or data, about data A summary document providing content, quality, type, creation, and spatial information about a data set Structured, encoded data that describe characteristics of information-bearing entities to aid in the identification, discovery, assessment, and management of the described entities

9 ISO 19115 To provide a clear procedure for the description of digital geographic datasets so that users will be able to determine whether the data in a holding will be of use to them and how to access the data

10 ISO 19115 –Proper data use and effective retrieval –To facilitate data organization and management –To provide information about an organizations database to others

11 Which data about data Source (originator, components) Extent (coordinates, countries) Time reference Keywords (search, description) Documentation Quality (uncertainties, limitations) UOM…

12 AFOLUDATA web portal Storage/search Data distribution NEU partners " results/models access To be finalized – functions –Bug fix – look&feel (DG)

13 AFOLUDATA data page Metadata review Data review –Description –Extent –Format –Availability –... Access options –(Disclaimer) –(Download)

14 AFOLUDATA upload page Upload –Data/metadata –Preview –Thumbnail –Data framework –Access setting Editor download

15 Data types Spatial –Vector (shapefiles) –Raster (grids) –... Tabular –dbf –csv Metadata

16 ArcGIS metadata module Very linear Not customizable ArcGIS needed Same for add-on

17 AFOLUDATA metadata editor Light stand-alone application (~0.5MB) Extensible Markup Language (XML) GUI support in XML compiling Check for missing data Editable source code Edit XML or create from scratch (tables) Logical tab-structure Next: feature requests and GUI testing

18 AFOLUDATA metadata editor






24 Data samples Homogeneous Spatial Mapping Units –HSMUs, EU15 + EU12 - CY - MT Nitroeurope Classification Units –NCUs, EU15 + EU12 + CH + NO + Balkans Common Agricultural Policy Regional Impact land use maps –CAPRI, HSMU level N deposition (EMEP/ATEAM-MARS) PedoTransfer Rule DataBase (PTRDB)

25 HSMUs Homogeneous Spatial Mapping Units –Multipart polygons –1km 2 –9-digit code –3-2-3-1 1.Admi (FSS NUTS 2/3) 2.LC (CORINE 2000) 3.Soil (ESDB SMU) 4.Slope (CCM DEM)

26 HSMUs –EU15: 63,904 from 100105453 to 662939912 –EU12: 143,535 from 100605871 to 292917432 Example –6 parts –8km 2 YOU ARE HERE

27 NCUs Nitroeurope Classification Units –Multipart polygons –1km 2 –9-digit code –3-4-1-1 1.Admi (FSS NUTS 2/3) 2.Soil (ESDB SMU) 3.Slope (CCM DEM) 4.Delta (CCM DEM)

28 NCUs –EU27: 40,991 from 100249520 to 932330350 Example –12 parts –316km 2 YOU ARE HERE

29 End-users and data application University of Udine –CarboItaly - BIOME-BGC Central Science Laboratory, UK –Pests evaluation in Europe MPI fuer Biogeochemie –N 2 O fuzzy-model JRC –AGRI4CAST, Less Favored Areas definition

30 … a (dark) side note Metacrap (Cory Doctorow, 2001) –People lie –People are lazy [and/or busy, GM] –People are stupid –Mission Impossible: know thyself –Schemas aren't neutral –Metrics influence results –There's more than one way to describe something

31 Bottom line Metadata can be quite useful, if taken with a sufficiently large pinch of salt. (Cory Doctorow, 2001) Avoid subjectivity (... easy to say) Cost/benefit evaluation *Not* collecting metadata is a pity… *Though* collecting them can be a pain! Patience, diligence or librarian passion

32 So what Metadata collation and collection is paramount for proper data management Better data storage and retrieval User feedback and contribution Distribute effort among providers More resources until full operation

33 Five stages of a project Stage 1: Excitement, euphoria Stage 2: Disenchantment Stage 3: Search for the guilty Stage 4: Punishment of the innocent Stage 5: Distinction for the uninvolved (Author unknown but believed to have perished in Stage 4) WE ARE AROUND HERE I WILL BE OUT OF JRC

34 Thanks Questions only after drinking

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