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Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

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1 Stephen Hart European Investment Bank
Water and Sanitation EC-EIB Seminar Transboundary Water Lake Victoria WATSAN – Could it be a success? Brussels, 7 July 2010 Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

2 Stephen Hart European Investment Bank
Water and Sanitation EC-EIB Seminar Transboundary Water Lake Victoria WATSAN – making it work! Brussels, 7 July 2010 Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

3 A few highlights on Lake Victoria
5 countries drain into the Lake = the East Africa Community (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania… and Rwanda, Burundi) Young Lake with shallow and relatively small, but densely populated basin: Delicate hydrological balance – climate signal translates quickly into lake levels Very sensitive to land-use (run-off, siltation) and management of hydropower (Lake dip in 2007 that stranded ports and raw water intakes: 50% man-made / 50% climate) Still incomplete picture of dynamics and water quality of the of the Lake Economic importance in fisheries, transport: Darwin’s nightmare (fish species), water hyacinth (clogging, disease) Approx. 40 million people live and pollute in the Basin The region is in the grip of continuing drought Very high poverty levels and numbers of child headed households – AIDS, outbreaks of cholera etc. Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

4 The Lake Victoria Basin….
Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

5 What is Lake Victoria WATSAN?
LVWATSAN is a combination of physical investment and capacity building measures to support viable and pro-poor water and sanitation services in the Lake Victoria Basin It is not an exhaustive set of measures to restore Lake Victoria …however, it is the key to a long-term strategy to dealing with the public side of pollution, which is spiralling out of control through overwhelming demographic developments. Others, such as LVEMP (Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme) are dealing with a broader set of sectors Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

6 The main political and strategic elements
Establishing a workable model for a Transboundary / Basin authority (the Lake Victoria Basin Commission) to interact with water and sanitation investments MDG and utility operator focus Translation of national reform agendas into local action, with sharing of approaches at regional level Involving the EAC in a successful venture and building up the new Lake Victoria Basin Commission Technical anchor and “foster” facilitator in UN-HABITAT, who also a has strong capacity in urban planning Public house in order => stronger stance vis-à-vis industry and agriculture Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

7 Stephen Hart European Investment Bank
What are the challenges that need to be addressed at town/operator level? Urban planning is in disarray, with 5-8% urbanisation rates, lack of affordable housing and weak planning authorities, driving up the cost of traditional infrastructure and forcing the majority of new residents to live in urban/peri-urban informal settlements/slums Developing viable water services with a majority of people poor and/or living in informal settlements requires special skills, community involvement and financial support Taking on the mantle of wastewater management requires a new set of skills and organisational culture – it is much more complicated that water supply Lake side utilities are facing severe pressure on the main water resource, cost and technology of water treatment is an increasing issue Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

8 Stephen Hart European Investment Bank
Without a balanced trajectory for a utility that immediately addresses critical supply shortages, caters for a growing population that is mostly poor - while creating sufficient income and receiving sufficient support, the utility cannot realistically be expected to develop and maintain its environmental mandate! Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

9 Key approaches to make it work - I
Rule of law – putting national sector agendas into practise Phased approach, with accelerated roll out of fast track investments and capacity building to build up revenues and efficiencies Multistakeholder Forums to synthesise planning and community involvement Community Based Organisations for definition and monitoring of measures Complimentarity of political level (EAC, LVBC) and technical level (UN-HABITAT, operator twinning) Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

10 Key approaches to make it work - II
Regional training and sharing of experiences Mechanisms set up by UN-Habitat, that has a specific mandate granted by the East Africa Community to provide facilitation and capacity building Regional training and workshops Water Operator Partnerships Developing and sharing best practise in key areas: Critical assessment of delivery systems for pro-poor water and sanitation in all countries (taking into account all wider costs/practical issues) Treatment of lake water for drinking water (lake levels => intake design / algae => light floc) Urban planning and network structuring Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

11 Key approaches to make it work III
Taking Integrated Water Resources Management to town level: Biggest environmental impacts are at town level – need to be integrated into IWRM thinking Institutional parallels scaled down to town spatial planning, water use and collection/treatment: financial management, environmental management, land management …. a project in a municipality can never be done only by say the town planner: servitudes, storm water, water supply, sewerage, size of existing infrastructure, roads and access and a host of other stakeholders. Water Demand Management is seen in the context of IWRM, with a 10 year perspective Above all, doing it well and with commonsense: Aim for strategic and technical excellence, utility operational focus Respect need for standardisation of technology at utility/national level (eg. uniformity in types of meters, spares) Proper construction supervision and operational follow-up Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

12 Scaling up Lake Victoria WATSAN
First phase: 10 towns in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, with Dutch funding channelled through UN-HABITAT Scaling up, second phase: AfDB lead on 15 towns in all 5 countries of the EAC Scaling up, third phase: EIB lead facilitator in cooperation with UN-HABITAT on 3 largest towns: Kampala (Uganda), Kisumu (Kenya) currently supported by AfD, Mwanza (Tanzania) currently supported by EC and KfW Large towns require ambitious, but phased approach (think in triple digits, not single/double), and genuine cooperation among financiers Serious approach to large towns => more convincing case in small towns Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

13 Lake Victoria WATSAN – Kampala Water
First really big project under LVWATSAN First water project to go for the EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund Pilot under Mutual Reliance Largest water project in East Africa, 212 MEUR Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

14 Lake Victoria WATSAN – Kampala Water RATIONALE
National Water and Sewerage Corporation of Uganda – good news factory for a decade, but the reality is that external funding dried up and all cash surplus has been reinvested in extension of services in Kampala and 22 other towns KfW stayed loyal throughout and provided funding; in recent years AfD, EC and AfDB have stepped in However, the facts on the ground are sobering: there are critical supply security issues facing the population of Kampala, with demand and leakage outstripping supply, almost zero operational storage for 2.5 million people, the network in decline and overrun by uncontrolled urbanisation, water abstraction concentrated in one rapidly deteriorating location and effectively no coordination of water supply extension with sanitation Major investments in water supply are needed to safeguard gains being made in sanitation and services for poor/informal settlements (such as the ongoing 68 MEUR sanitation programme: EC, AfDB, KfW) Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

15 Lake Victoria WATSAN – Watch this Space
AfDB/EIB cooperation on the 15 Phase II towns Bukoba, Musoma (currently benefiting from AfD) in Tanzania joining the LVWATSAN framework Project Formulation Study as well as TA for planning and network diagnosis for Kisumu and Mwanza Additional focus on urban planning, waste management and water resource management at local community level Strengthening/formalisation of regional capacity building approach Many more small and medium sized towns in the Lake Victoria basin (abt. 200 medium sized towns, ) Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

16 Stephen Hart European Investment Bank
Thank you very much….. … and send more money! Stephen Hart European Investment Bank

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