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Welcome Course name Faculty name. YOUR COURSE MATERIALS Jansma/Kassen Motifs: An Introduction to French, 4e You will… — be tested — receive homework assignments.

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome Course name Faculty name. YOUR COURSE MATERIALS Jansma/Kassen Motifs: An Introduction to French, 4e You will… — be tested — receive homework assignments."— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome Course name Faculty name

2 YOUR COURSE MATERIALS Jansma/Kassen Motifs: An Introduction to French, 4e You will… — be tested — receive homework assignments — have reading assignments …from these materials

3 WHY DO I NEED THE BOOK? — Nine in ten professors (90%) say that students would do better if they made greater user of the assigned textbook. — Students’ pass rates, retention rates and grades improve when they employ supplemental materials in addition to their textbooks. Zogby International, 2006

4 WHAT’S SO DIFFERENT ABOUT THE NEW EDITION? – New exercises and activities in each chapter. – Heinle iRadio features MP3-ready grammar and pronunciation tutorials. Expanded coverage of qualitative data analysis.

5 GET THE GRADE RESOURCES! —iLrn Heinle Learning Center —QUIA online activities manual —Student Interactive CD-ROM —Workbook/Lab Manual —Lab Audio Cds —Système-D 4.0 Writing Assistant —Free Companion Website

6 WHAT IS iLrn Heinle Learning Center? The all-in-one online companion to your Heinle French textbook that saves you time and money! – Diagnostic Pre-tests – Personalized Study Plans – Post-tests – Online workbook/lab manual – Interactive eBook – Companion Video – Voice Board – Personal Tutor

7 LOGGING ON TO iLRN We make it easy for you to enroll online. Visit: and click on the Login button.

8 LOGGING ON TO iLRN Here is the login screen for the iLrn Heinle Learning Center. Click here to get started.

9 WELCOME TO iLRN! With iLrn, you have a variety of tools to help you succeed in this course. On the left hand side, you’ll find all of the chapter materials. On the right, you’ll find the tabs to navigate between the tools in each section. We’ll start by looking at the online Workbook/Lab Manual.

10 WORKBOOK/LAB MANUAL An online version of the Workbook/Lab Manual with audio allows you to get immediate feedback on your work—anytime, anywhere—and features a wide variety of high- interest exercises, games, and self-scoring tools that allows you to track your own progress.

11 TEXTBOOK ASSIGNMENTS iLrn Heinle Learning Center provides you with a way to complete all of the exercises from the textbook completely online.

12 VOICE BOARD Activities in the text that are partnered activities are voice-enabled. Select “Find a partner” in the Partner Record and Chat box to find classmates currently online to complete an activity with them.

13 E-BOOK Audio and video-enabled allowing for easy access to the text audio and companion videos from the text pages. Page for page reproduction of the printed book, making it easy to use as a reference when studying outside of class. Page view can be magnified and the content searched via the index, table of contents or search functions.

14 VIDEO LIBRARY You can access the video segments in the Video Library. Here you’ll see the video, hear the dialogue, and see a running transcript. Video segments are accompanied by pre and post-viewing exercises.

15 ENRICHMENT In the Enrichment section, you’ll have access to additional interactive tools and activities such as flashcards, vocabulary quizzes, grammar reviews and quizzes, cultural readings, and audio activities.

16 DIAGNOSTICS Utilizing the Diagnostics section will help you be more prepared for class & will help you perform better in class. A Pre-Test will assess what you know and what you still need to master. Your results are automatically graded and displayed.

17 PERSONALIZED STUDY PLAN After you complete the pre-test, a Personalized Study Plan is generated with study aids to focus on the areas in which you need help. Follow up with the Post-Test & a revised Study Plan to better prepare you for your tests.

18 Personal Tutor iLrn Heinle Learning Center comes with access to a personal tutor to help with topics that you have trouble with while you are studying. Click on the Personal Tutor link at the top of your page to schedule a session.

19 TECHNICAL SUPPORT Phone: 1-877-282-4400 Ext: 2 Email: Web: Be sure you have your book name (ISBN if possible), student book key and your contact information (email, phone, school)

20 FREE COMPANION WEBSITE! Great for test prep!

21 ANYTHING TO HELP STUDENTS WITHOUT COMPUTERS? Workbook/Lab Manual The "Activités écrites" in the Workbook give opportunity to apply and practice the material presented in the textbook, including the vocabulary, structures, and cultural information. "Perspectives culturelles" sections provides more practice with the cultural notions and "Voix en direct" speakers. ISBN for Workbook/Lab Manual: 1413030432

22 YOU HAVE CHOICES OF HOW TO BUY THE BOOK! Purchase textbooks in the format and at the price that is right for you. Print Options NEW print textbooks at up to 25% off, shipped free! Digital Options Electronic texts up to 50% off Individual chapters for as little as $1.99 Study Tools Study Guides, Online Homework Assistance, Audio Content, and more!


24 STUDENTS…PLEASE READ If your textbook doesn’t already come with the helpful study aids we’ve discussed, go to your local college bookstore or go on-line to

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