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Guide to statistics in EC Development Co-operation Presentation.

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1 Guide to statistics in EC Development Co-operation Presentation

2 Permanent link: http://cybernews.eurostat.cec/1- whoswho/dir_list/D/2/doc/GuideForDelegations.pdf Its dissemination is restricted to all EC DGs, the EU delegations and selected partners in statistical development co-operation. The beta version presents the first 3 chapters of the Guide, its pdf electronic format makes it easy to use and it contains more than 350 hyperlinks to find all the sources of information you are looking for. The version beta of the Guide is now available!

3 The Guide at a glimpse The Guide explains why development statistics are important, how to use them and what needs to be done to make them available. The Guide explains what is needed in the following situations: –Use statistical indicators to design and monitor programmes –Identify and develop support actions for statistics –Advocate timely consideration of statistics over cycle of assistance

4 The structure of the Guide A: Introduction: a guide to the Guide B: Statistics in Development: why and how statistics enter the development process C: Support for Statistics : how to understand and check data, when and how EC acts so that quality statistics are available for development goals D: Statistics for Policy Issues : how statistics are used and supported to achieve EC sector policy aims

5 The Guide : the next steps Continuously: –The Guide is updated according to users comments and to the latest information on statistical development co- operation –The hyperlinks of the Guide are tested and updated Publication of a version 1.0, before the end of 2010: –The Guide is being translated into French –10 sections of Part D are being developed ( statistics on external trade, government finance and public sector, business, transport, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, justice and crime, social protection and sustainable development indicators ) In 2011: –The Guide will be translated into Spanish –10 other sections of part D will be drafted –Its format will be enhanced for better readability

6 Project Manager : Tatiana Isnard, Eurostat D2 International Statistical Co-operation Questions and comments: Thank you

7 Permanent hyperlink: http://cybernews.eurostat.cec/1- whoswho/dir_list/D/2/doc/GuideForDelegations.pdf Eurostat intranet (accessible to all DG): cybernews > whos who > directorates > directorate D > Unit D.2 > Information systems to support statistical development http://cybernews.eurostat.cec/1- whoswho/dir_list/D/2/doc/GuideForDelegations.pdf

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