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1 Indoor air quality Where we are Giulio Gallo, European Commission.

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1 1 Indoor air quality Where we are Giulio Gallo, European Commission

2 2 Action Plan on Environment and Health Action 12 on improving indoor air quality Technical Annexes ETS Developing networks and guidelines on other factors affecting indoor air quality…….by using research and exchange of national best practice

3 3 Parliament Resolution Calls research into the impact of new construction material on health Commission + MS to introduce a system for labelling Env and health effects of construction products and material Commission to classify ETS as class 1 carcinogen Wide-ranging approach taking into account many sources of pollution: combustion apparatus, equipment and furniture and human activities calling Commission for a green paper dealing specially with domestic pollution

4 4 Egmond an Zee conference December 2004 A European initiative to address indoor air pollution, starting with emphasis on the improvement of building products and ventilation systems. Smoking bans and other policies across Europe Further development and harmonisation of testing and labelling procedures for building construction products, to enable people to identify low-emitting products Adequate elimination of combustion products generated indoor.Promotion of measures to improve the design, maintenance and operation of ventilation systems.

5 5 Request to Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) To identify a risk assessment strategy to support policy (vulnerable groups, combined exposure and cumulative effects if possible Adequacy of current information on exposure- effect and exposure, and recommendations for improvement To identify potential areas of concern in relation to Chemicals, household, building – dampness/moisture and microbial growth To give its opinion on the health risks of air fresheners

6 6 Activities related to tobacco smoking and ETS Tobacco legislation Tobacco fund Networks International cooperation (FCTC) Non binding legislation on ETS

7 7 Example of warning pictures related to ETS

8 8 ETS achievements in MS Total ban Ireland, Italy, Malta, Sweden Restriction in public and working areas with some exceptions for hospitality Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Slovenia Planning total bans UK, FIN

9 9 CO level in Irish bar workers Never smokers Current smokers Pre ban4.4 ppm14.0 Post ban2.43 -45% 9.75 -30 Source: Agnew, M, Goodman, PG, Clancy, Luke (2005) Evaluation of the lung function of barworkers in Dublin, pre and post the introduction of a workplace ban on smoking in Ireland. Dublin: Scientific symposium The Health Impacts of Smoke-free Workplaces in Ireland, March 2005

10 10 Some figures in Irish pubs Pre banPost ban% change PM 107937.4-53 PM 2.540.24.95-87.6 Source: McCaffrey, M, Goodman, PG, Clancy, Luke (2005) Particulate pollution levels in Dublin pubs pre and post the introduction of the workplace smoking ban. Dublin: Scientific symposium The Health Impacts of Smoke-free Workplaces in Ireland, March 2005

11 11 Public Health Programme

12 12 Public health programme. Main contributions to indoor air quality INDEX –Critical appraisal of setting and implementation of indoor exposure limits in EU BUMA – prioritization of building material as indoor pollution sources - new project – 2005-2008 THADE - Towards Health air in dwelling in Europe

13 13 Projects on air quality CRICTICAL APPRAISAL OF THE SETTING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INDOOR EXPOSURE LIMITS IN THE EU –INDEX- Objectives To create a network of European leading scientists in the area of indoor air pollution and herewith associated health impacts in order to identify priorities and assess the need for a Community strategy and action plan Status of project: finished Funded: 2002 – 2004 Coordinated by: JRC

14 14 Index achievements High priority chemicals Formaldehyde ALARA (pending IARCrevision of carcinogenicity) Carbon monoxide10µg/m 3 (8 hour), 30 µg/m 3 (1 hour) Nitrogen dioxide40µg/m 3 (1 week), 200 µg/m 3 (1 hour) BenzeneALARA Naphthalene 10µg/m 3

15 15 Index achievements - High priority chemicals and main management options discourage use restrict use in household products Restrict emission from Building products building design ventilation combustion equipment Equipment standards and inspections - ETS Formaldehyde Carbon monoxide Nitrogen dioxide Benzene Naphthalene

16 16 Projects on indoor air quality TOWARDS HEALTHY AIR IN DWELLINGS IN EUROPE (THADE ) Objectives to produce maps of pollutants in dwellings, and to review data, cost-effective measures and technology, quality in dwellings, and legislation and guidelines on air pollution, recommend a strategy for implementation Status of project: finished Funded: 2001 – 2003 Coordinated by: European federation of Asthma and Allergy FI

17 17 THADE main recommendations EU level: Actions to prohibit smoking in public and work buildings Better building codes for new constructions especially as regards ventilation Develop product control and labelling for building material furniture and household products, including testing and labelling for air cleaners Promote research

18 18 Indoor air quality strong relation to: Lifestyle and habits

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