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3 Competitive clusters in France
A COMPETITIVE CLUSTER - A NATIONAL POLICY Members: companies, public and private research units, universities and other education institutions,  Where? a defined geographical area Why? Innovative projects focused on the market to improve global effectiveness. Strategy The extent of the approach : 800 M€ R&D’s industrials projects planned in Rhone-Alpes region over the next 6 years A market approach The presence of leading companies Innovation as the motor to company competitiveness The area as a factor of performance

4 Competitive clusters in France

5 The role of public authorities in cluster policies
The Grand Lyon offers a list of services to the clusters Assistance in the piloting of the cluster, defining economic actions, international promotion and the creation of transversal projects Support in the engineering of the development of the cluster in terms of animation and R&D projects. Mobilisation of the SME-SMI’s - as well as financial support The Grand Lyon supports financially the individual R&D projects in the 5 Lyon clusters. In october 2006, the Grand Lyon voted a budget of 13.2 M€ to support R&D projects Objective : develop the local economic and thus local employment.

6 Economic clusters in Lyon
LYON BIOPOLE: Biotechnologies, diagnostics, vaccines, virology, immunology, infectious diseases… Key companies : bioMerieux, Sanofi, Merial… AXELERA: Chemical-environment : from a curative chemical’s industry to an “avant-garde” industry. Companies involved : Rhodia, Suez, Petroleum French Institute… Urban Truck & Bus: Mobility systems and mechanical engineering. Key companies: Iris Bus, Renault Truck… Lyon Vision Mode: Fashion/design and Creative Industries. Key companies: Hermes, Legaby… Imaginove: Moving images and digital leisure. Key companies: Widescreen Games, Eden Games, Electronics Arts…

7 First experiences More than 150 millions € invested in projects in Lyon 50 R&D projects financed and in the process of realization A spirit of cooperation between search-training-firms An important implication of major companies in the definition of the strategy and in the piloting of the clusters A lasting impact : cluster’s strategies are developed over a long term logic or 10 years…

8 Economic clusters and their impact in Lyon
Lyon’s economic development : Ambition : enter the top 20 European cities Conditions : Availability of traditional conditions for economic development (density of the economy, pool of talents, competitive costs, access to the market, quality of life,…) Focus on the development of competitive advantages based on strong partnerships Partnerships : “Greater Lyon, a Business Spirit”, an economic strategy draft in partnership Entrepreneurial spirit : the symbol of the territory ‘s reactivity, key account management : the mobilization of the major firms for the city International clusters & high level projects: an exemplary alliance between companies, public & private research units, universities & education institutions

9 Economic clusters in Europe
A network of 130 largest cities in Europe Lyon Président of Eurocities An active policy supporting cluster development Leading a working group identifying best practices in public support to clusters Cluster mapping in partnership with European Union Establishing links between clusters in Europe

10 CONTACT Délégation générale au développement économique et international Grand Lyon Charles-Henri Malécot 0033 (0)


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