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How CCIs can contribute to innovation and smart specialisation strategies.

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1 How CCIs can contribute to innovation and smart specialisation strategies

2 Smart Specialisation In narrow sense: Dominique Foray and the Knowledge for Growth expert group Breakthrough innovations The entrepreneurial process of discovery General Purpose Technologies (GPTs)

3 Smart Specialisation Policy : Specialisation & competitive advantage Leader regions and follower regions Invention and application development Role for higher education establishments & research laboratories

4 Smart Specialisation In broader sense: Communication Innovation Union Communication on the contribution of Regional Policy to smart growth Broad concept of innovation (services, new marketing, branding and design methods and new forms of business organisation) Innovation is increasingly understood as an open system where different actors collaborate and interact.

5 Smart Specialisation Policy : Smart choices to be made Broader range of developments & policy support Specialisation – similar process of building on strengths Cluster development Lead markets & demand- side policies Role for creative sector

6 Cultural & Creative Sector Contributions identified in Study on Culture in Local & Regional Development : Growth and employment creation in its own right Making cities and regions more attractive places in which to invest and work Magnet for talent (Richard Florida) Creative buzz Direct stimulation of innovation

7 Cultural & Creative Sector Demand -side contributions : Demand creation – advertising & the media Image management and marketing Quality & standards The stimulus of sophisticated and demanding consumers

8 Cultural & Creative Sector Potential in new forms of (social) demand management : Using powers of communication and motivation Addressing social concerns (lead markets): energy ; recycling & bio-technology aging & health Social organisation; changing habits & culture Engaging local populations Promoting an openness to innovative solutions

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