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Sustainable Urban Development The case study Noord aan de Rotte Rotterdam.

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1 Sustainable Urban Development The case study Noord aan de Rotte Rotterdam

2 Conclusions The integrated and cross-sector approach can work in a complex urban context The experience of the programme shows that the approach contributes to competitative, sustainable and attractive cities In this way cities contribute substantially to the Lisbon and Gothenburg agenda

3 Introduction Rotterdam: world biggest port and (in the Netherlands) highest unemployment EFRD subsidy Objective 2 and URBAN II; 46 million Euro Programme management with RCDC –Rotterdam City Development Corporation: Economy, real estate development and land management –400 people

4 SWOT Strong –Cultural bagage –Urban fabric –Location –Public space (Rotte) Weak –Education –Unemployment and income –Diversity (real estate) –Unsafe and dirty Opportunities –Cultures –Creative sector –Rotte –Heritage Threats –Social cohesion –Participation

5 Programme Noord aan de Rotte Mission: –to improve the quality of life and to increase the opportunities for the residents and entrepreneurs. by tackling social problems combined with opportunities in the field of public space, culture, education and economy. –Objectives The Neighbourhood should function as a Spring Board The Entrepreneurial Neighbourhood Sustainable living


7 Strategic Projects Creative sector and Culture Improvement of Public Space The Recovery Plan; aimed at social cohesion The Centred Rotte; Economic-recreative development along the river Rotte Participation through the Mobile Tea Terrace

8 Major lessons involve residents and stakeholders emphasis on innovation Need of a balance between physical and social-economic aspects create a central theme select a limited number of strategic projects. Communication is important

9 Finally The European URBAN II contribution proved to be of high value for the success of the programme Noord aan de Rotte It is recommended to continue this kind of integrated and cross-sector approach Further Information:

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