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Haga clic para modificar el estilo de título del patrón 1 1 Innovation Strategy for Murcias Tourist Business Sector Mr Javier Celdrán Murcia Region Development.

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1 Haga clic para modificar el estilo de título del patrón 1 1 Innovation Strategy for Murcias Tourist Business Sector Mr Javier Celdrán Murcia Region Development Agency October, 5th 2010

2 2 Spains level of tourism maintains a leading international position; ranked second in the world, both in terms of tourist quantity and levels of income. In order to continue its role as a generator of wealth, the tourist sector needs to confront several challenges: The increase of international competition. The changes in demand that are becoming more segmented and specialized. The new channels of promotion and commercialization. The rigidity of the productive costs structure etc. 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TOURIST SECTOR AND INNOVATION Promote a new form of horizontal innovation for the whole System; improve scientific and technological capacity; and augment the effectiveness and efficiency of management processes. OBJECTIVES OF THE NEW TOURIST ECONOMY (PLAN 2020)

3 3 WORK AMBIT ACTIVITY (TOURISTIC PRODUCT) ACCOMMODATION Analysis of Tourist Products in the Region of Murcia The Regions tourist accommodation establishments: Hotels Apartments Camping Rural KEYS to development -- Decided support, via the Region of Murcias Development Institute, by the Councils of Tourism and Culture; Economy and Finance; and University, Business and innovation, -- Activities oriented to competitive improvement from an innovation perspective. -- High levels of participation and dynamism by the sector. Costal+Nautical City Health Golf Congresses Rural + Active 2. AMBIT, CONTENT AND WORK METHODOLGY

4 4 Página 4 Source: Plan Director of Tourism Region of Murcia 2006-2012 & Council of Culture & Tourism 2009 Interior and City: Travelers National: 1,272,444 Foreign: 263,939 Overnight Stays National: 5,724,733 Foreign: 1,594,926 Costal: Travelers National: 2,495,327 Foreign: 767,973 Overnight Stays National: 18,451,068 Foreign: 8,739,787 Interior: N.East, N.West, Valle de Ricote and Cieza, Sierra Espuña, others. Cities: Murcia, Lorca, Cartagena, Caravaca Coast: Mar Menor, La Manga, Cartagena Coast & La Union, Bahia de Mazarron, Coast of Lorca & Aguilas YEAR 2009 in the REGION of MURCIA TOTAL TOURISTS: 4,799,683 TOTAL OVERNIGHT STAYS: 34,510,514

5 5 CONTENT AND WORK METHODOLOGY CHARACTERIZATION of business activities in the Tourism Development of STRATEGIES for tourism innovation. From a business perspective. Innovation: identification of their competitive improvement axis- DIAGNOSIS of business activities in the Tourism Sector of the Region of Murcia METHODOLOGY Work Cabinet Sector Survey In depth interviews with the institutions and corporations involved.General situation of the tourist and business sector..Attitude / sensitivity in the Sector.Innovation embodied in the Sector.. Institutional approach Sector survey (validation of proceedings) Secondary Documentation CONTENT Porcentaje de la tipología de Alojamientos que han participado en la encuesta Thematic Workshops. TIC Workshop. What is innovation? Workshop Plenary session presentation

6 6 3. CHARACTERIZATION The main barrier to innovation in Murcian companies focuses on costs: direct costs, and funding for innovative projects The business aspects in Murcia which have seen most innovation have been:. Those related to advertising.. Those related to the possibility of making reservations.. Marketing and sales.. Quality and management systems.. Operations between the reception and the front-office. Consistent with their concerns, entrepreneurs focus their efforts on everything which:. Can provide increased sales (web sites, social networking, and reservation engines. Revenue, Management, creation of CRM…) and. They can help reduce costs (outsourcing services; computer management programmes integral to the company; comprehensive, environment friendly systems to reduce energy costs; quality systems...

7 7 As new technologies have been used to improve and enhance relationships with customers, suppliers, other administrations and also within the company: -- Customer relations (marketing, promotion, distribution, customer service, loyalty programmes oriented to development of 2.0 applications 2.0...) -- Relationship with suppliers (pricing queries, wholesalers, distributors, requests for quotes...) -- Internal management / bureaucratic tasks, management of quality standards…) -- Relationships with other entities. When assessing the differences between the various products tested (Coast-Nautical, Cultural, Rural-Active, Conferences, Golf and Health) it shows that the differences dont come from the product, but via the typology and characteristics of the analyzed company. From a qualitative point of view, one could make the following classification, with all the nuances, that are generated by the nature of the category groupings:

8 8 Business competitiveness. A complex situation with a broadly competitive environment.. Positive attitude to change.. Need for public support and shared leadership.. Negative perception of innovation due to lack of knowledge.. Information barriers.. Reduced dimension of companies.. Lack of internal and external references, and efficient channels of information dissemination.. Risk of innovation fracture in the sector.. A complicated municipal situation accentuated by the environment.. Lack of awareness regarding the importance of positioning policies and the promotion of tourist destinations.. Level of product competitiveness in decline.. Need for forms of integral management.. Need for a framework of planning, strategy and reference.. Need for cooperation between knowledge centres, administration and business associations.. Need for a greater level of connection between the administration, destinations, businesses and the scientific community... Need to promote positive-sum cooperation. Need for a stable work framework between the sectors stakeholders... Absence of leaders who can promote the optimum development of new processes.. Perceived lack of institutional support for the sector; lack of awareness and motivation.. Need for a knowledge management policy: objectives, analysis, dissemination.. Need for clarity and accessibility of work tools: sector keys, and the use of TICs.. Need for the exchange of market knowledge, destinations and tourist products between the regional research groups. Regional forum.. Need for established channels of information dissemination, and news bulletins. Cooperation and structuringManagement of knowledge Competitiveness of destinations 4. INNOVATION DIAGNOSIS

9 9 ESTRATEGIC AXIS OF THE INNOVATION Orientation of the COMPANY DESTINATION Innovation Cooperation and Structuring Development of knowledge 5. DEVELOPMENT OF STRATEGIES FOR TOURISTIC INNOVATION

10 10 Página 10 AXISACTIVITY CHAINSMID-SIZED COMPANIES MICRO COMPANIES DESTINATIONS I 1. Creation of a framework for innovation in the Murcia Region I 2. Desvelopment of a network of networks I 3. Campaign of new talent I 4. Tourism Innovation Forum I 5. Incorporarte the Network of regional cooperation in the Tourism sector II 6. Incorporate the pre-innovation process: innovation cheque II 7. Bridge to technologies, incorporation of ICTs to the tourist sector II 8. Pilot Experiencies II 9. Definition of a Technologies Map III 10. Management of destinationss. III 11. New tourist destinations III 12. New forms of promotion III 13. Environment as a competitive factor III 14. Destination Innovator´s Manual. IV 15. Backing the management of knowledge IV 16. Identification of new innovation sources.

11 11 Many thanks for your attention ¡¡

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