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Automotive cluster of Central Bohemia region Pavel Sebek 9. 10. 2007, Brussels.

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1 Automotive cluster of Central Bohemia region Pavel Sebek 9. 10. 2007, Brussels

2 2 Where are we?

3 3 Main goals of the project Building a network of connections between companies related to automotive indrustry and universities ( educational facilities) teaching their future employees Focuse on a primary cooperation within automotive industry using a synergy effects which increase member´s competitive strength

4 4 Main goals of the project Promoting cooperatation between companies, universities and authorities in order to enhance the region´s future competitiveness (joints projects) Promoting Central Bohemia Region as a competitive European region in automotive industry

5 5 Our partners Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Josef Bozek Research Center of Engine and Automotive Engineering Škoda Auto University Automotive industry association of the Czech Republic

6 6 Project support Structural funds - Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise – Clusters

7 Planned activities (joint projects)

8 8 Shared shopping system – material and services Creation and optimization of supplier- consumer links. Realization and coordination of shared shopping system Common purchase defined types od material a services Market analysis Internet auction usage

9 9 Human resources development Education of the cluster members (for example: welder, operation of high-lift truck, internal auditor, optimation of enterprise processes, communication skills, marketing, etc.) Bulding and running knowledge managment system

10 10 Marketing, promotion and competitiveness Marketing studies Presentation of cluster members on fairs, conferences and exhibitions, PR Cluster information centers for effective development Searching for new clients in Czech Republic and abroad. Providing information needful for qualified decision-making Contacting other cluster in Czech and abroad. Looking for new cluster members.

11 11 Cooperation between members Common solution of : production-technological problems production of the orders optimation of production processes human resources

12 Thank you very much for your attention Pavel Sebek Contact´s person: Helena Frydlova Manager of Cluster E-mail:

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