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Why? Aim and Focus? Concrete Improvements proposed? EU Support for Sustainable Change in Transition Societies /what/development-

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1 Why? Aim and Focus? Concrete Improvements proposed? EU Support for Sustainable Change in Transition Societies /what/development- policies/documents/communica tion_transition_en.pdf /what/development- policies/documents/travail_ser vice_conjoint_part1_v7_en.pdf

2 Prague Technical Workshop Sharing Knowledge and Transition Experience for Development – the view of New European Donors Sharon Zarb – European Commission (DG EuropeAid)

3 Structure of the Presentation I. Introduction to Capacity Development and Knowledge Exchange II. Knowledge-Sharing Platforms III. Twinning, TAIEX, SIGMA IV. Conclusion 3

4 What is Capacity Development ? Capacity Development (CD) is: -- a key driver of aid and development effectiveness -- an endogenous process that needs to be owned -- catalysed by incentives and the quality of the learning process Many ways of supporting CD : Capacity Development Budget Support Technical assistanc e Facili- tation Knowledge Exchange If Capacity Development support is successful, it creates an exit opportunity from the traditional aid relationship speeding up institutional development

5 Knowledge exchange and Capacity Development Capacity Development relies on Knowledge Exchange at two levels: Capacity Development is about change, and change is not linear. A more systematic approach to capture and share knowledge on Capacity Development should be promoted. Sharing knowledge has a transformational effect, at various levels. For example, promoting citizen participation through IT technologies can be one of the most transformational forms of Capacity Development.

6 II. EU Knowledge-Sharing Platforms: a)Capacity4Dev b) The European Transition Compendium (ETC)

7 EUs Knowledge Sharing Platform on Development Fast Facts 5900+ Professionals from all over the world 2200+ staff (EC/EEAS) 3700+ from Private Cos, CSOs, Government, Donors etc 280+ Knowledge pieces 9000+ Posts in 200+ Groups through Knowledge Sharing! Consolidate knowledge and build Institutional Memory Support Thematic Expertise, break down the silos Support good practice and innovation exchange / help identify specialists Cross-learning among practitioners from EC, EEAS, MS, Donors, International Organisations, private sector, CSOs, Governments, Academia…

8 What is offered: Access to a large community of practitioners from across the world Over 280 knowledge pieces (Voices and Views) on a great variety of themes backed with video and references updated weekly Fully fledged free Groupware for the development community: Public or Private groups with: Group site, Blog, full document library, events, survey tool, project management tool, group chat, members rooster, powerful search Peer support functionality: help from the community Your profile page, mail notifications, personal recommendations Secure hosting (EC Infrastructure) or help and guidance

9 9 'Millions of Europeans, including me, grew up not knowing how it felt to live in an open society, with freedoms and opportunities… So our readiness to help partner countries along the path towards better governance is no hollow sentiment. Sharing experiences and good practice can only be of benefit to all concerned...' Quote from Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development at the Opening Ceremony of European Development Days 2011

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11 11 ETC: Expertise by sector…and by country Contact: sharon.zarb @ec.europa. eu

12 III. Twinning, TAIEX, SIGMA

13 Twinning Why? Initially designed to help EU-acceding countries to absorb aquis communautaire Who? Public administrations of a Member State + Neighbourhood Beneficiary country How? Commitment of two project leaders in respective administrations; full-time work for min. 12 months in corresponding public administration of partner country; twinning manual 13

14 One example of a Twinning Success Story Support to Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Twinning Partner: Office of the Seimas (Parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania 14

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18 Find out more on Twinning... EuropeAid website – Boosting co-operation through Twinning: EuropeAid Publication - Boosting Twinning Co-operation in the Neighbouring Countries: Institution building in the framework of EU policies – Common Twinning Manual: English version: manual-2012_en.pdf manual-2012_en.pdf Contact: European Commission DEVCO F4: 18

19 Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) Why? To rapidly mobilize public and tailor-made short-term technical assistance to support partner countries' public administrations Who? Institutions and organisations that play a role in partner countries to help in the approximation/implementation/enforcement of EU legislation How? Demand-driven – reaction upon request sent by a partner administration in neighbourhood region 19

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22 Find out more about TAIEX EuropeAid webpage TAIEX: view/taiex_en.htm view/taiex_en.htm Applications: ng_authorisation_en.htm Contact: EuropeAid-TAIEX- 22

23 Support for Improvement in Governance and Management (SIGMA) Why? Joint initiative of OECD + EU – financed principally by EU; SIGMA = self-explanatory Who? Central agencies responsible for horizontal management systems of government; active in 11 neighbourhood countries How? Demand-driven – demand for activities being framed within European Neighbourhood ad Partnership action plans and national indicative programmes. 23

24 Find out more on SIGMA Find out more... Website: EuropeAid webpage: view/index_en.htm view/index_en.htm Contact: 24

25 IV. Conclusion

26 EuropeAid website: Thank you!

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