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Chapter 5 Info Tech. Plug ins & Extensions  What are plug ins?  Applications/Extensions – Google Chrome Store

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1 Chapter 5 Info Tech

2 Plug ins & Extensions  What are plug ins?  Applications/Extensions – Google Chrome Store US/firefox/?application=firefox US/firefox/?application=firefox

3 Push/Pull Technology  Push = send content to users who request to it.  Chat, instant messaging, online social networks, and blogs WEB 262  Pull = pull information to your computer when you need it.  Mailing list, feeds, web slices, podcast

4 Application Programming Interface (API)  Is a source code based specification intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other.  Allows websites to interact together.  Chunks of code

5 Really Simple Syndication (RSS)  An XML feed that is used to publish frequently updated works – such as blog, news headlines, audio and video.  To subscribe to a feed you need to download an aggregator

6 Mashup  Is a site that has APIs that are added to their site.   Chunks of code 

7  Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP

8 Web 2.0  First coined in 1999  Nothing technical has changed  Interaction with the web - Rich user experience, user participation, dynamic content, metadata, web standards and scalability.  Examples blogs, social medias, video and so forth

9 Web 3.0 – Semantic Web (Tim Berners Lee)

10 Web 3.0

11 Cyber-bullying  "the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others”  1 in 3 kids will be cyber-bullied  Videos posted online  Not just in our country - Australia you can now face up to 10 years in jail.  A lady got a court order against Google to see who was making comments on a youtube video calling her a whore.  ISP Provider was found liable for cyber bullying  Video 1: Dr Phil Video 2: Internet Trolls

12 Group Activity  Go around the room – spend 3 minutes thinking of ideas to how each group could help cyber-bullying. Write down those answers underneath the ones you see.  Groups will be school/Laws (law enforcement and legislative)/parents/kids/ISP provider and/ or companies like Google.

13 Chat  Real-time communication that occurs over the Internet using software that is installed on Internet Devices. (Text, Voice, Video, Private, Public).  Flaming – which a participant insults or ridicules another participant.

14  Short message service (text messaging)  160 characters  Cell phone networks to transmit messages  Only text  Pictures use a multimedia message service (MMS)  Choice of communication with 14 to 30 year olds  Average number of text teenagers receives is over 3,500 a month. SMS

15 History of Chat  1972 Email  1979 USENET way of collecting information and storing it by topic category. Email based newsgroup.  Early 80’s some newsgroups wanted to incorporate chat into the sites.  80’s you could play games with others online (ie: chess)  1996 – ICQ (I seek you) Israel company – AOL bought out for 407 million dollars. Instant messaging computer program – proprietary protocol  90’s AOL chat rooms – 55% of teens online and 28% adults. Over the years rates have fallen due to safety concerns & other social medias/IM

16 Chat Exercise  Your group will be given a problem. As a group (no talking only “chatting”) you will come up with a list of solutions for the problem. Discuss amongst yourselves who will present this list and be able to explain as a group the solutions. You may search the Internet for research. No physical talking… only through the chat session.  Group 1: How do we fix the digital divide?  Group 2: How do you make the Internet more secure?  Group 3: How do you get kids up and moving away from texting, computer, video games?  Group 4: What is the future and uses of 3-d technologies and printing?

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