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The Power of the Church Chapter 13 Section 5.

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1 The Power of the Church Chapter 13 Section 5

2 Key Terms Piety Pontificate Pope Gregory VII Henry VI

3 Religion in the Middle Ages
Became powerful during Middle Ages Religion touched every aspect Baptism Marriage death Marked by religious ceremonies

4 Religion in the Middle Ages
Monks were peacemakers Prayed for rulers and armies Helped to settle disputes Church officials were teachers and record keepers

5 Religion in the Middle Ages
1000 influence increased dramatically Piety-a persons level of religious devotion Participation in religion increased

6 The Far Reaching Authority of The Church
God created two swords One for religion The other political Pope should bow to emperor (political) Emperor bow to pope (religious) Church and rulers competed for power

7 Structure of the Church
Power based on status The pope in Rome headed the church All clergy under the pope Clergy- included bishops and priests Bishops supervised priests Bishops settled disputes over Church teachings Local priest is the main contact

8 Religion as a Unifying Force
Feudalism separated people Shared beliefs brought them together Church stable force during warfare Provided Christians with a sense of security Religion was center stage

9 Growth of Papal Power 1049 Leo IX thought clergy was corrupt
Simony- buying and selling of church offices Replaced bishops guilty of this

10 Growth of Papal Power Bishops excommunicated
No greater punishment during the Middle Ages Could not take part in the Eucharist Could not be saved

11 Growth of Papal Power Leo’s reform brought him into conflict
Bishops thought that the pope could not tell them what to do Pontificate-papal term in office

12 Growth of Papal Power Leo excommunicated the patriarch of Constantinople Church was split Roman Catholics Orthodox

13 Religion as a Unifying Force
Baptism- became part of the Christian Community Village church unifying force Religious and social center People worshipped together Holidays festive occasions

14 The Law of the Church Churches authority spiritual and political
Created a code of justice All kings, peasants subject to canon law Church law- marriages and religious practices

15 The Law of the Church Two of the harshest punishments were
Excommunication Interdiction Popes used excommunication a banishment from the church to yield power over political figures

16 The Law of the Church King quarrels with a Pope the king would be denied salvation Also freed all of his vassals from their duty Interdiction- sacraments could not be performed on the kings land

17 The Law of the Church People believe without the sacraments they are doomed During 11 century these threat would force and emperor to submit to the popes commands

18 The Emperor Clashes with the Pope
Lay investiture-ceremony in which kings and nobles appoint church officials Who ever controlled lay investiture held the real power Church reformers felt the king should not have this power

19 The Emperor Clashes with the Pope
1075 Pope Gregory banned lay investitures Henry IV called a meeting of the bishops he appointed Emperor ordered Gregory to step down Gregory excommunicated Henry

20 The Emperor Clashes with the Pope
German bishops sided with the Pope To save his throne Henry begged forgiveness 1077 Henry crosses the alps to Canossa Gregory was a guest there

21 The Emperor Clashes with the Pope
Stood in bare feet in the snow Pope was obliged to forgive him Henry spent three days in the snow

22 Changes in Monasticism
Monasteries founded all over Europe New Monastery in Cluny Chose their own abbot to avoid corruption

23 Changes in Monasticism
Cluny most influential monastery in Europe Some monks lived under even stricter rules

24 Changes in Monasticism
Cistercian- broad estates built outside of town Ensured isolation Undecorated Unheated Prayer and labor Other groups would even be stricter

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