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Finland-China collaboration in research and innovation

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1 Finland-China collaboration in research and innovation
Kari Hiltunen Counsellor (Science & Technology) Embassy of Finland 芬兰驻华大使馆 科技参赞 Director, Tekes Beijing 芬兰国家技术创新局北京办事处 主任 Presentation at Opportunities for R&I Cooperation with Europe event 30th August 2011

2 Key actors of the Finnish innovation environment
Finnish Industry Investment Ltd Business Angels Investors Companies Research institutes Universities Academy of Finland Research and Innovation Council Ministry of Employment and the Economy Other ministries Ministry of Education and Culture Tekes Technology Centres Centres of Expertise Polytechnics Regional ELY Centres Regional Councils Finnvera Finpro Sitra Associations Inventions EU structural funds for innovation Private investments in innovation Invest in Finland National Board of Patents and Registrations of Finland Investments in different sectors like environment, health and traffic National public investment in innovation and know-how Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation 2

3 Resources in the innovation environment
Private Basic research Applied research Business R&D Business development Marketing Internationalisation R&D at companies 4,179* Business Angels Approx. 380* Public Finnvera 468 (44) Universities and polytechnics** 1,165 (482) Academy of Finland 297 (297) Ministries, ELY Centres, sectoral research 413 (402)* Tekes 526 (526) VTT 245 (74) From abroad 407*** Innofin 7 (5) Finpro 35 (21) Venture capitalists: Private 364 Finnish Industry Investment: direct 19, venture capital funds 131, seed funding 7 Sitra 35 The figures represent the total extent of each organisation in million euros in 2008, those marked with star are earlier. In parenthesis the share that is funded from the State budget. **includes polytechnics *** includes R&D costs of corporations foreign units 3

4 The Academy of Finland Joint calls have been implemented in the following fields: 2002: Centre of Excellence project programme, –2005 (NSFC) 2005: Research Programme on Neuroscience, –2009 (NSFC) 2006: Cross-cultural Communication (CASS) 2007: Environment-related Energy Research (NSFC), Environmental Ecology (NSFC) 2008: Ubiquitous Computing and Diversity of Communication (NSFC) The Academy of Finland has bilateral agreements on cooperation with three Chinese research funding organisations: National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

5 Tekes - Creating networks for innovations 为创新创立联系网络
State agency under the Ministry for Employment and the Economy - key player implementing national innovation policy 芬兰劳动和经济部直属机构- 芬兰国家创新政策的主要制定者 Our services 我们的服务 funding for innovative R&D and business为创新研发和商业提供资助 networking Finnish and global companies and researchers 连接起芬兰与全球的公司和学者 Customers我们的客户 Finnish and foreign companies located in Finland 位于芬兰的公司,包括芬兰公司和外国公司 universities, research institutes, hospitals etc.大学,研究所,医院等 Resources资源 budget: 600 million euros annually 预算:每年6亿欧元 personnel: 360 in Finland and abroad 员工:全球360名 public organisation under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy 劳动与经济部直属下的公共机构 DM Copyright © Tekes 5

6 Tekes funding and services for international research projects and commercialisation
From idea to project Commercialising research findings Project implementation on For what purposes is funding available? Preparation of project Partner search (EU, global) International cooperation Researcher mobility (in/out) FiDiPro - Finland Distinguished Professor Programme Preparation of commercialisation Commercialising of research findings Tuli programme Tekes services Funding Expertise Programmes and SHOKs Int’l cooperation frameworks Events, publications, news Preparation of international research project

7 Programmes are Tekes choices for the greatest impact of R&D funding
In 2009, 43% of the funding granted by Tekes was channelled via the programmes. The rest of Tekes funding is granted to projects that are outside the programmes. The focus areas of these projects are not generally restricted 57 % 43 %

8 National Tekes Programmes (Energy and Environment area)
Water (90 M€) National Tekes Programmes (Energy and Environment area) BioRefine (200M€) Sustainable Community (100 M€) WOOD ENERGY WASTE TO REF & ENERGY CODE WOOD COMBUSTION SMALL SCALE PRODUCTION AND USE OF WOOD FUELS DENSY FUSION , PROMOTOR PROCESS INTEGRATION CUBE CLIMTECH CLIMBUS STREAMS FINE Green Mining Growth from Renewables -Groove 2010 – 2014 (95 M€) Fuel Cell (144M€) 2005 2010 2012 2014 8

9 Tekes China Network PORTFOLIO:
State agreement S&T 1986 (TT-sopimus): MOST – MEE – (Tekes) 5 year MEE-National Development and Reform Commission MoU 2008, Environmental cooperation 5-year Tekes MoU’s: practical level enablers (activities so far: eg. Nanotech&advanced materials, ICT/software, Living Labs, Environment, Healthcare,&biopharma, Mutual project funding) Shanghai S&T Commission (2005) Beijing S&T Commission (2007) Jiangsu Province S&T Department (2007) Shenzhen S&T Bureau (2007) Zhejiang S&T Commission (2009) Program agreements NAMI agreement Tekes (FinNano + Functional Materials) & MOST 2007 Tekes (FinNano) & Suzhou Industrial Park 2007 ICT Alliance 2010 University agreements 1 year at a time Tekes & Tsinghua University Industry Cooperation Committee 2007 Tekes /Sustainable communities) & Shanghai Tongji University 2007 (5 years) Tekes China Network GREATER BEIJING AREA: Official presence and central government relations ICT, biotech and energy activity + other fields EU and EU member state contacts SHANGHAI & YANGTZE DELTA: Major business hub ICT and biotech activity + other fields Business and financial contacts PEARL RIVER DELTA: Business hub of South China High tech production & R&D

10 International cooperation in projects funded by Tekes
Number of projects Number of projects

11 Tekes promotes European cooperation
Tekes is the host of the Finnish Secretariat for EU R&D. Together with the EU Commission and other member countries, Tekes co-finances several European programmes including AAL, ARTEMIS, Enterprise Europe Network and Eurostars. EUREKA is a European network that supports businesses performing close-to-market R&D. Tekes finances Finnish participants in EUREKA projects and coordinates EUREKA in Finland. COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is an instrument supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers. Tekes in the national coordinator for COST in Finland. Tekes coordinates, manages and funds European Space Agency cooperation in Finland. Tekes supports the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in implementing the national space policy. Tekes participates in steering of several R&D programmes of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

12 Finland-China collaboration in FP7
Thematic Area Number of Joint Projects ICT 6 Health 2 Research Infrastructures Environment 1 NMP Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology 4 Transportation Space Research for the benefit of SMEs Total 21 21 joint projects funded during FP7 19 Finnish participants 9 universities and research organizations 10 companies 22 Chinese participants 19 univeristies and research organizations 3 companies Total costs of projects 142 million euros EU contribution 97 million euros EU contribution for Finnish participants 8,6 M€ EU contribution for Chinese participants 3,8 M€

13 Finland-China collaboration in FP7
Most frequent Chinese Participants in Joint Projects Most frequent Finnish Participants in Joint Projects University of Oulu University of Eastern Finland Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira National Institute for Health and Welfare Oy L M Ericsson Ab SeaRail Ltd. Wapice Ltd. Destia Ltd. Aalto University Finnish Meteorological Institute VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Peking University Sun Yat-sen University Nanjing Agricultural University Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications The Chinese University of Hong Kong Zhejiang University China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company

14 Thank you!
Information about Finnish innovation environment, Tekes‘s activities interesting publications and research and development projects 更多关于芬兰创新环境、Tekes活动及研发项目信息请参见: Subscribe to Tekes Newsletter at 订阅Tekess Newsletter,请点击以下链接,

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