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Sexually Transmitted Infections

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1 Sexually Transmitted Infections
Vladimir Oge, MPH, CHES Sexual Health Specialist Student Health Care Center (352) , ext. 4281

2 What Am I Going to Learn today??
Various types of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Modes of Transmission & signs and symptoms Understanding your risk and preventing STIs NOTE: Don’t worry…no nasty pictures!!

3 What is an STI? Sexually Transmitted Infection
Any disease or infection that is spread through sexual contact Usually spread through: Exchange of body fluids Direct skin-to-skin contact

4 STI: Facts & Stats 50% of all STI cases in U.S. among people ages 15-24 Women are at higher risk of STI transmission Chlamydia is the most common STI in the U.S.; followed by HPV and Herpes

5 Classifying STIs Bacterial Parasitic Viral Chlamydia Gonorrhea
Syphilis Parasitic Pubic Lice (crabs) Scabies Viral Herpes I/II HPV/Genital Warts Hepatitis B HIV

6 Bacterial Infections Chlamydia Women: infects urethra, cervix
Often no symptoms Sometimes pain with urination or lower abdominal pain Infection can spread to tubes and ovaries Can cause infertility Men: infects urethra, epididymis Can cause pain with urination Swelling and pain of the testicles

7 Herpes Herpes Simplex I: Oral Herpes Herpes Simplex II: Genital Herpes
Presents as cold sore or fever blister Can be spread by kissing! Herpes Simplex II: Genital Herpes Blisters on genitals/genital area Contagious during outbreak Can be treated with suppressive therapy

8 Human Papillomavirus HPV: Genital Warts 100 types
The annual Pap smear can detect lesions on cervix Some HPV types cause lesions that can be pre-cancers If not treated, they can eventually become cancers Warts can be treated and removed, but the virus may remain in latent form

9 Common Signs & Symptoms
Sore, bumps, blisters near genitals, anus, or mouth Burning sensation during urination Discharge from penis, vagina, anus Swollen testicles Pain in lower belly (Women) Bleeding from vagina not associated with period (Women)

10 A Warning about STI Symptoms
You should never attempt to diagnose yourself. Consult a health care provider You may be infected and not show any symptoms If symptoms disappear, it doesn’t mean the infection has!!

11 Why are college students at risk?
More likely to have sex than any other age group Multiple partners Alcohol & Drugs Most students don’t know their STI/HIV status

12 Prevention is the Key… Know your Options
It’s not who you are, it’s what you do!! Abstinence is the only 100% effective method of preventing pregnancy and contracting STDs Defined as completely refraining from any type of sexual contact With any other method there’s ALWAYS a possibility of failure.

13 Reducing the Risk!! Practice Safer Sex
Use approved latex male or female condoms during sexual intercourse Condoms & “dental dams” should be used during oral sex Change condoms between each sex act Avoid sharing sex toys Limit number of sex partners; practice monogamy Stay away from alcohol & drugs during sexual situations

14 If you think you have an STI…
Stop having sex!! Get help from your health care provider, immediately Take ALL of the medicine given to you Avoid sex until treatment is complete Contact anyone you’ve had sex with so they can be tested

15 Where to go for HIV Testing
UF Student Health Care Center (Infirmary) (352) Alachua County Health Department (352) Planned Parenthood of North Central Florida, Inc. (352)

16 Resources UF Student Health Care Center
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Go Ask Alice! Alachua County Health Department (enter school code : GATORS)

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