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Methane from SWDS New Norwegian calculating model Per Svardal.

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1 Methane from SWDS New Norwegian calculating model Per Svardal

2 2Metan fra avfallsdeponi 2004 revision of model from 1999 Many reasons. For reasons and results see Two of the reasons were: -Complicated model, difficult, poor view of calculations (black box). -Faulty mathematics.

3 3Metan fra avfallsdeponi Basic mathematics, first order reaction Rate of reaction equation, reactant transforming to methane: dDDOC =DDOC * k * e^-kt *dt Integrated equation for mass calculations, year t: DDOCdiss = DDOC * (e^-k(t-1) – e^-kt) (DDOC = dissimilable organic carbon)

4 4Metan fra avfallsdeponi Important theory First order reaction -Amount of product formed (DDOCdiss) always proportional to the amount of reactant (DDOC) -When we know the full amount of DDOC it is of no concern to the calculations when the DDOC came into the SWDS: Every year can be regarded as the first year. -First order reaction equation the same as the compound interest equation, with negative interest rate.

5 5Metan fra avfallsdeponi Yearly steps in new calculating model 1.Calculate reactant deposited (DDOCd) 2.Add this to the reactant left as not dis- similated from last year (DDOCd+DDOCly) 3.Calculate DDOCdiss from 2. 4.Calculate the amount of methane formed from DDOCdiss. 5.Calculate DDOC not dissimilated for next years calculations (new DDOCly).

6 6Metan fra avfallsdeponi The motor of the new model Two main equations: DDOCdiss = (DDOCd+DDOCly) * (1-e^-k) DDOCly = (DDOCd+DDOCly) * e^-k -(The presented workbook model is a little more complicated because it also handles the option of reaction start in the year of deposition)

7 7Metan fra avfallsdeponi The workbook Sheet 3 -Parameters Sheet 4 -Material input and final result Sheets 5-7 -Calculations for the different materials Sheet 8 -The accumulation of plastics

8 8Metan fra avfallsdeponi M D

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