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Introduction to ModelMaker

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1 Introduction to ModelMaker
Soils & Environmental Exposure Assessment Introduction to ModelMaker Sabine Beulke, CSL, York, UK FOCUS Work Group on Degradation Kinetics Estimating Persistence and Degradation Kinetics from Environmental Fate Studies in EU Registration Brussels, January 2005 PSD, 6-7 March 2003

2 Curve fitting with ModelMaker

3 Model construction

4 Model components Compartment Flow Variable
Part of the system with defined boundaries which can store the quantity of interest (e.g. a pesticide) Represents the movement of the quantity from one compartment to another Parent in soil Metabolite in soil Parent  Metabolite Change of quantity in compartment with time dCompartment / dt = + Flows in - Flows out Variable Quantity which is a function of other model components or a function of an independent variable (e.g. time) DT50 as a function of other model parameters

5 Initial conditions and parameters
For each compartment, the starting point (quantity present at the beginning of the simulation) must be defined Parent: 100% applied radioactivity Metabolite: zero Parameters are constants which do not change during the simulation kparent degradation rate constant for the parent in soil M initial amount of the parent compound ffM formation fraction

6 ModelMaker toolbar run model optimise model create graph create table
add and define parameters compartment flow variable

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