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André J. de Groot projectmanager OBR / Kansenzones Rotterdam.

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1 André J. de Groot projectmanager OBR / Kansenzones Rotterdam












13 Economic vision 2020 Focus on: Mainport + industrial complex Medical cluster (Erasmus MC) Creative industries (AV, Multimedia)

14 Rotterdam continues, on the pathway to a balanced city Threat: Growing group of underprivileged (mainly ethnic) inhabitants Extraordinary problems ask for five action plans 10.12.04-4

15 Five cohesive action plans 1.Immigration, integration and citizenship 2.Stricter residence policy 3.Tackling nuisance, illegality and crime 4.Care, help and counseling 5.Specific and structural investments in economic development -> This includes Kansenzones (Economic opportunity zones)

16 Kansenzones: the area

17 Kansenzones: statistics 86.000 inhabitants from over 80 nationalities On average 60% immigrants, but in some parts over 80 % immigrants 40.000 habituated addresses ± 2.300 SME entrepreneurs

18 What does Kansenzones look like? Large attractive multicultural market in Rotterdam Feijenoord, twice a week, 60.000 visitors a week Multicultural shopping streets Large investment schemes for better houses, safety, youth, attractivity of economic climate and public areas

19 Kansenzones: statistics High percentages of: – Youth – (long-term) Unemployment – Immigrants vs. natives – Crime rate – Poor or no education – Low incomes and low purchasing power – Mobility (25% yearly) – Social housing

20 Project Development (new instruments)

21 Budget Kansenzones State *) 24 million Entrepreneurs> 24 million Subtotal> 48 million City council 24 million Total> 72 million *) De Minimus EU-regime (max. 100.000/entrepeneur)

22 Kansenzones partners: Municipal Tax Services Social- and employment services City planning City services Borroughs of Rotterdam Market parties (banks, intermediaries, etc.) Schools

23 Current state of Kansenzones first year Nearly 500 requests for investment premiums from SME entrepreneurs (10% of total SME-population): – > 23 million investments by entrepreneurs – > 150 requests already granted in all kinds of SME sectors, – mainly established entrepreneurs instead of new comers as expected 1. Investment premiums for entrepreneurs

24 Current state of Kansenzones Transforming primary school building into a state of the art business center for 30 young starting entrepreneurs, with extra business support services: training, coaching, secretarial services etc. Investment: nearly 2 million Ready: summer 2006 2. Redevelopment Municipal Real-estate

25 Current state of Kansenzones Measures entrepreneurs asked for: extra street lightning, attractions for children, bicycle racks, extra safety, publicity en promotion actions, etc. Stop & Stop: free parking time for shoppers Shop & Win: promotional action Image campaign to promote the South of Rotterdam 3. OZB tax fund

26 Expansion options for the Kansenzones project 1.Area expansion – Expansion outside Rotterdam South Risk of diffusion – Expansion in Rotterdam South 2.Adding new instruments – Social Welfare – Education – Stimulate qualification for the labour market for riskful youth groups together with schools and market parties (BOP)

27 Sustainability project results What to measure and how to measure 1.Active monitoring on results participating entrepreneurs 2.Developing a monitor system to measure the results on the long run (input/output, cost effectiveness, etc.) 3.Generate ideas / new instruments to improve the cost effectiveness for tackling the social-economic problems in socially weak borroughs

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