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Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Techniques ATHT 305 Chapter 5.

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1 Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Techniques ATHT 305 Chapter 5

2 Radiography __________ is the process of acquiring images _______ is the form of electromagnetic energy used Show fractures, not stress fx Cheaper so used first Uses ionizing radiation –Absorbed or dispersed –High density tissue, bone, absorb more radiation, so more difficult to penetrate

3 How to read radiographic images A- _______________ –Normal continuity of bone & joint surface, alignment of one bone to another B- _____________ –Should have normal density patterns, uniform color Decreased density appears darker C- _____________ –Does not produce image, so look for what is not there. Joint space should be smooth and uniform S- ________________ –Swelling can be seen, pockets of edema

4 Techniques Stress radiograph- stretch a ligament to determine amount of excessive movement Contrast imaging- injection of dye

5 Computed Tomography (CT) Scan Looking for specific pathology, not a general screening tool Computer determines density of underlying tissues based on absorption of xrays by the body Xray source rotates around body CT Angiography- use of contract medium


7 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) For _________________ Machine creates a magnetic field, causing the body’s hydrogen nuclei to align with the magnetic axis No potential harmful side effects like xray, unless you’re claustrophobic _________________ detect metabolic changes in brain Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA)- used to study blood vessels


9 Others Bone scan- more detailed than radiograph Diagnostic Ultrasound- defects in superficial muscle Nerve Conduction Study- detect pathology in peripheral nerves and the muscles they innervate

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