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HUMAN IMPACT on the BIOSPHERE A Changing Landscape.

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1 HUMAN IMPACT on the BIOSPHERE A Changing Landscape

2 1. HUMAN ACTIVITIES can change local and global environments! ______________________________ ____________________ _________________ ___________________________ HUNTING and GATHERING AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY URBAN DEVELOPMENT Images from:

3 WHAT PROBLEMS CAN THIS CAUSE? ________________ can put animal populations at risk of ____________ OVERHUNTING extinction

4 By end of last ice age (about 11,000 years ago) humans began the practice of farming = __________________ Soon people around the world were growing crops and raising animals for food AGRICULTURE agriculture

5 Changing Agriculture The spread of agriculture was one of most __________ developments in human history. It _____________ in large quantities that could be stored for later. Allowed people to __________________ and enabled the _______________of cities, governments, laws, and writing. important provided food settle in one place development

6 Challenges for Future Modern agriculture has increased world _________________, but has also created ________________ challenges. Large scale monoculture leads to problems with ____________ and _______________. Use of farm chemicals (fertilizers & pesticides) can damage ____________ insects, ________________ water supplies, and ______________ in the environment ecological food supplies Insect pests diseases beneficial contaminate accumulate

7 INDUSTRIAL GROWTH and URBAN DEVELOPMENT The impact of humans on the biosphere was transformed by the _____________________ during the 1800’s. It now provides us with the ______________________ we enjoy today. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION modern conveniences

8 BUT... The spread of urban areas has resulted in the _____________ habitats. Air, water, & soil _____________ has had an impact on surrounding ecosystems. destruction pollution

9 ___________________ can affect the quality and supply of renewable resources such as _______________________________ How can we provide for our needs while maintaining ecosystem goods and services that are renewable? land, forests, fisheries, air, and fresh water 2. THE BIG QUESTION ? HUMAN ACTIVITIES

10 = ________________________________ It’s a way of _________ natural resources __________________ them and providing for human needs WITHOUT causing long term __________________ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT One ANSWER to ? using without depleting environmental harm

11 Problem : Wearing away of topsoil = ____________ is caused by plowing land and removing plant roots Soil erosion

12 Problem: ___________________ = changing of fertile land in dry climates into desert areas caused by farming, overgrazing, and drought Desertification

13 Forests also: ________________ FOREST RESOURCES store nutrients provide habitats moderate climate prevent soil erosion protect fresh water

14 HOW DO WE HELP? Sustainable development: selective harvest of mature trees replanting of logged areas tree farms breeding new, faster growing species

15 Burning __________ releases pollutants that cause smog and other problems in atmosphere. Toxic chemicals like nitrates, sulfates, and particulates can cause ________________ like ___________ Problem: fossil fuels breathing problems asthma

16 Smokestack “Scrubbers” control emissions Auto emission standards Clean air regulations Reduce use of fossil fuels HOW DO WE HELP?

17 Water conservation Protect wetlands and forests Water treatment plants Clean water regulations HOW DO WE HELP? h

18 The sum of the genetically based variety of all the organisms in the biosphere = ___________________ Biodiversity gives __________ to the ecosystems that we are so dependent on, enhances their ____________, and provides an important source of new _____, ________, and other _________. BIODIVERSITY stability productivity food medicine products

19 3. THREATS TO BIODIVERSITY _______________________ ___________ (trees gone) ____________(land in pieces) ____________ ______________________ Habitat Destruction Deforestation Fragmentation Pollution Poaching & over hunting Invasive species

20 BIODIVERSITY THREAT One of most important threats to biodiversity come from apparently harmless plants or animals that humans transport into new habitats = _____________________ New habitats don’t have ____________ and parasites that control the population in their native habitats, so invasive species populations _____________ rapidly. INVASIVE SPECIES PREDATORS INCREASE

21 BIODIVERSITY THREAT The addition of ________________ = harmful materials that can enter the biosphere through land, water or air can also threaten biodiversity. pollutants

22 CONSERVING BIODIVERSITY Wise management of natural resources = __________________ Protecting endangered species requires detailed information about __________________________ We can’t protect a species without understanding how it ____________ with the _________________. conservation ecological relationships interacts ecosystem


24 DEAD ZONES When an ecosystem receives a LARGE input of limiting nutrient (ie., fertilizer runoff) the population increases dramatically = ___________ REMEMBER ! ALGAL BLOOM

25 Our atmosphere between 20-50 km contains high concentrations of ____________ which protect us from the sun’s harmful ______________ radiation. OZONE LAYER ultra-violet OZONE (O 3 )

26 EFFECTS OF UV RADIATION Click here to see a movie about the effects of UV radiation WMV, 618K __________________________________ ___________________________________ Skin cancer Cataracts/blindness Premature aging of skin Reduced crop yield Disruptions in the marine food chain

27 Emissions to Atmosphere Nitrogen oxides Sulfur dioxide Chemical Transformation Nitric acid Sulfuric acid Precipitation Acid rain, fog, snow, and mist Dry Fallout Condensation particulates, gases IndustryTransportationOre smeltingPower generation Figure 6-12 The Formation of Acid Rain What’s the cause? ________________________ BURNING FOSSIL FUELS Releases _______________ and ________________ into the atmosphere that react with water to produce ACID RAIN. Sulfur oxides Nitrogen oxides

28 ACID RAIN EFFECTS kills fish reduces biodiversity damages forests causes illness & premature death from heart & lung disorders like asthma and bronchitis

29 GREENHOUSE EFFECT Temperatures of Earth remain within a range ______________ because the _____________ acts as a natural _________________ blanket. atmosphere suitable for life insulating

30 GLOBAL WARMING- Is it real? *Some people say…. Earth has cycles of warmer/cooler climate change. *Most scientists believe… the increase in global temperatures is the result of human activities increasing CO 2 and other gases. *There is a 90% probability the cause is “man- made”.

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