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Welcome, parents!   1. Write a “someone special” note to your child. (Pick up the note from the front table.) 2. Have a look around the room and then.

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1 Welcome, parents!   1. Write a “someone special” note to your child. (Pick up the note from the front table.) 2. Have a look around the room and then have a seat. Thank you for coming, Ms. Espinoza  My is Class webpage

2 What are we going to talk about?
Introduction. Who is Ms. Espinoza? The textbook we use and the topics covered in the class. Daily procedures. What can your child expect to happen daily? Frequently asked questions. Extra curricular math programs offered at CVMS.

3 What makes me qualified?
Education: I have a Master of Education, Single Subject teaching credential, and B.S. in Mathematical Sciences all from U.C. Santa Barbara I have a G.A.T.E. certificate and a C.L.A.D. certificate Experience: I taught at West High School in Torrance from and here at Carmel Valley since I have taught classes from Pre-Algebra through Calculus.

4 Personal Life I am married and I have an 11
year old step son. My husband and son are baseball fanatics. My favorite thing about my family is that they make me laugh. My brother is a Navy doctor. I love to workout, go to the beach, and eat fruit.

5 Geometry Honors Chapter 1 Problem Solving
Introduction to problem solving, inductive reasoning skills Chapter 2 Geometric Shapes and Measurement Basic geometric vocabulary, angle measures in polygons, three dimensional shapes, dimensional analysis Chapter 3 Perimeter Area and Volume

6 Chapter 4 Triangle Congruence
Deductive reasoning; conditional statements; direct proofs; triangle congruence; right triangles theorems; isosceles triangle; perpendicular bisectors; different Pythagorean Theorem proofs, basic geometric constructions Chapter 5 Parallel Lines and Quadrilaterals Counterexamples, indirect proofs, parallelograms, rhombuses, rectangles, squares, and trapezoids, geometric constructions involving parallel lines

7 Chapter 6 Ratio and Proportion
Similar Triangles; Cross Sections, scale factor, area ratio, volume ratios; Mean proportionality in a right triangle; Right Triangle Trigonometry ; Laws of Trigonometry 1st Semester Ends Here

8 Chapter 7 Circles Central Angles and Inscribed Angels; Chords; Secants; Tangents; Constructions Involving Circles Chapter 8 Coordinate Geometry Algebra Review; Coordinates and Distance in the Plane; Slope; Equations of Lines and Circles; Problem Solving Using Coordinates Chapter 9 Transformation Geometry Translations; Rotations; Reflections; Dialtions; Isometries; Congruence and Similarity

9 Supplementary Trigonometry Chapter
Relations among trigonometric ratios, Radians and Degrees in the unit circle, Basic Trigonometric Identities Bridge Project

10 Algebra Honors Chapter 1- Numbers and Variables
Number Sets; Order of Operations; Equations and Inequalities; Word Problems; Absolute Value problems Chapter 2-Working with Real Numbers: Quantifiers; Algebraic Proofs Chapter 3- Solving Equations and Problems: Solving linear equation; Linear word problems: Age, coin, distance, area, perimeter

11 Chapter 4- Solving Inequalities and Problems
Solving linear inequalities; Intersection and union of sets; Compound inequalities; Absolute value inequalities; Word problems: consecutive integers, mixture; Complementary and supplementary angles Chapter 5-Graphs and Functions Relations and functions; Solutions to linear equations; Graphing a line; Graphing a linear inequality; Slope Chapter 6-Systems of Open Sentences Solving systems by graphing, elimination, and substitution; Word problems: wind and current, digit; Graphing systems of inequalities; Linear programming

12 Chapter 7 –Polynomials and Factoring
Adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials; Factoring; Solving Quadratics by factoring Chapter 8-Polynomials and Rational Expressions Dividing polynomials; Simplifying rational expressions; Exponent rules; Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational expressions; Complex fractions Chapter 9- Rational Expressions in Open Sentences Percent problems; Fractional equations; Word problems: Work, motion; Ratio and proportion; Direct, inverse, joint, combined variation

13 Chapter 10-Irrational Numbers and Radicals
Rational numbers; Decimals and fractions; Rational square roots; Irrational square roots; Pythagorean thm.; Distance formula; Multiplying, dividing, subtracting, and adding radicals; nth root; Radical equations; Imaginary numbers Chapter 11- Quadratic Equations and Functions Completing the square; Quadratic Formula; Quadratic Functions; Polynomials Functions; Quadratic inequalities Chapter 12- Trigonometry and Vectors Directed Angles; Trigonometric Functions; Solving triangles

14 Daily Procedures Math Support Help on the web Room Tour Agenda Checks Rewards Absent Work Computer Lab Geometer sketchpad

15 FAQ’s

16 I want to do more!!!!!!!! Math Counts: Thursdays at Lunch
Math League: Tuesdays at Lunch

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