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CZECH SPACE OFFICE Czech Space Activities Jiri M. Fuchs.

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1 CZECH SPACE OFFICE Czech Space Activities Jiri M. Fuchs

2 MAIN INSTITUTES INVOLVED Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports space-related R&D, cooperation with ESA Ministry of Transport GNSS, Galileo issues Ministry of Environment EUMETSAT Ministry of Foreign Affairs COPUOS and international agreements Parliament CR Subcommittee for Aviation and Space in Committee for Economics Regional authorities City of Prague

3 CZECH SPACE OFFICE (CSO) Coordination and administration of space activities Management of cooperation with ESA PECS Committee, PECS projects, IRC, PBEO PECS - Plan for European Cooperating States IRC - International Relations Committee PB-EO – Programme Board – Earth Observation Representation in international institutions COPUOS, HLSPG, 7FP-Space, GAC, IAF, ESTP COPUOS – Committee on the Peaceful Uses ofOuter Space HLSPG – High Level Space Policy Group IAF – International Astronomical Federation GAC - GMES Advisory Council IAF – International Astronomical Federation ESTP – European Space Technology Platform Supporting activities information seminars, database of research & industrial bodies, consultancy, training Education and outreach student activities, WSW, zero-g, schools

4 CR-ESA cooperation frame agreement (1996) PRODEX participating state (2000) ESA industrial audit (2001) European Cooperating State (2003) Aim: Integration of the Czech research and industry into European space programmes Build up on strong points: Tradition of space research activities Developed present high-tech production and services sectors ESA AGREEMENTS

5 CZECH SPACE MAILSTONES 23 Interkosmos science satellites(1969-1991) Manned flight, Vladimír Remek (1978) Movable platform for Halley comet probe Vega 1 and for MIR space station(1984, 1989) Payload for Mars exploration - Fobos 1 (1988) Five Magion mini-satellites(1978-1996) 4 space furnaces on MIR station (1984-1995) MIMOSA microaccelerometer satellite (2003)

6 SPACE RESEARCHSPACE RESEARCHSPACE RESEARCHSPACE RESEARCH Space science Sun, near-Earth environment CLUSTER, INTEGRAL, SOHO, XMM, GOCE, GAIA Microgravity Material research, biological experiments Payload: PROBA 2: TPMU, DSLP SWARM: 3 microaccelerometers per satellite Bepi Colombo: electron spectrometer

7 SERVICES GALILEO Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) Land monitoring, emergency responce –GSE Land, Respond, Terrafirma

8 GROUND SEGMENT Flight control systems –SCOS 2000 for control centres Data processing and archiving –GRID technology


10 PROJECTs CAPACITIES Running 18 PECS projects spents totally about 6,4M Overall national yearly expenditures for space related projects are about 3,4 M (2007) ESA (PECS) more than 1 M EUMETSAT 0,7 M Others 1,4 M Potentials to be involved: Larger industries (e.g. aviation with 40 companies, 10000 employees, 253 M turnover) SMEs – SW, services, high quality mechanical, optical and electronic devices design and manufacturing

11 ORGANIZATION s STRUCTURE The CSO´s departments are as follows: Relations with ESA, PECS programme Relations with governments and parliaments of EU member states Science program and ISS Industry and Technology Earth observation Telecommunication and navigation Student activities Public relations

12 o Thank you for your attention o Questions?

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