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East Midlands Sustainable Development Jason Feehily.

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1 East Midlands Sustainable Development Jason Feehily

2 UK SD Strategy: Securing the Future

3 The NATURAL STEP model of sustainability

4 Sherwood Energy Village £1.8 million emda funding 2003/04 19,000 sq foot Commercial Office Space Sustainable Design and Construction – v. low environmental footprint To influence wider private developers, architects and construction industry

5 Avenue Coking Works 99 ha former Coking/Gas Works Partnership with EP £104 million project/investment 2/3 of site will be turned into new greenspace: inc new nature reserve for birds, grass snakes and water voles and new flood management scheme

6 SKYLINK £936,000 emda funding secured 2004 High Speed ½ hourly bus link Nottingham-NEMA Service now exceeds 4,000 passengers/week Interest now in rolling-out to Derby and Leicester Sustainable Transport and reduction in pollution/congestion

7 University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus

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