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Green Purchasing and Energy Efficiency By Mr. Karsten Andrup Pedersen Manager of Logistics and Purchasing Municipality of Kolding, Denmark.

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1 Green Purchasing and Energy Efficiency By Mr. Karsten Andrup Pedersen Manager of Logistics and Purchasing Municipality of Kolding, Denmark

2 Kolding Kommune Green Purchasing Green purchasing by integrating environmental criteria Procedure and experiences How to use energy efficiency as award criteria: Exemplified by purchase of Multifunctional Copiers and Printers The A-Club funded by the Danish Energy- Conserving Fund

3 Kolding Kommune The process of green purchasing Users draw up demands on: - Functionality - Quality - Delivery Terms An environmental questionnaire is designed by the environmental department The suppliers to bid are identified and the call for tender is published Evaluation process: - Users evaluate suppliers on price, functionality, quality, delivery terms etc. - Environmental department evaluate suppliers on environmental performance Evaluation is done by a point score system The supplier with the highest point score is selected

4 Kolding Kommune Designing a green purchasing policy: –The policy was confirmed by the Town Council in 1998 –The policy calls for an ecological resetting of all purchasing actions –Thus environmental questionnaires are integrated by turn into all calls for tenders –Within the year 2004 Kolding have greened approximately 85% of all framework agreements Green Purchasing

5 Kolding Kommune There are several reasons why Kolding has chosen to purchase green: It helps to reduce the environmental impacts It helps to promote production that has the least environmental impact It demonstrates Kolding as a convincing and efficient environmental authority It sets an example for changed consumption patters for all citizens Green Purchasing

6 Kolding Kommune Identifying green suppliers: –The suppliers must answer an environmental questionnaire –The questionnaires contains different kinds of questions –regarding the suppliers business –regarding the product –regarding the packaging –The questions are formed in a way, that positive answers indicates a positive environmental performance Green Purchasing

7 Kolding Kommune Identifying green suppliers: –For every product group there are minimum requirements, that must be met –The questions provide the basis to compare the environmental standards of the offered products –Assessment is facilitated by a point score sys- tem –In the end environment is assessed on par with price, quality and level of service Green Purchasing

8 Kolding Kommune Assessing the suppliers environmental performance: –The number of yes in the fulfilled questionnaire are counted, assessed and converted into point –If every question is answered by an yes the supplier can get maximum points, if the yes is assessed to be correct –If an yes is assessed to be incorrect, the yes is assessed as a no Green Purchasing

9 Kolding Kommune Experiences: –Green purchasing has been implemented without supply of extra economical funds –Modifications of the procurement procedures and creation of an easily applicable assessment have helped to avoid an increase in costs –Higher prices have only been found in the product group of organic food Green Purchasing

10 Kolding Kommune Experiences: –Kolding has experienced very positive reactions to the environmental questionnaires –The suppliers are very open and fulfil the questionnaires with great skill –Kolding cannot support the argument, that an insufficient range of green products is available on the market Green Purchasing

11 Kolding Kommune In this call for tender environmental criteria weighed 10% Criteria are divided into two equal parts; environmental profile criteria and energy efficiency criteria with each 5% weight For evaluation of energy efficiency the suppliers must give informations on energy consumption during use, stand-by and auto-off for each individual copier For evaluation of environmental profile the suppliers must answer an environmental questionnaire for each individual copier Multifunctional Copiers and Printers

12 Kolding Kommune Assessment of Energy Efficiency: Bids were given for both low performance and high performance copiers Energy consumption during a year is calculated for each copier with the assumption, that the copiers are in active use 5 hours pr. day, in stand- by 2 hours pr. day and in auto-off 17 hours pr. day The individual suppliers low performance and high performance copiers energy consumption is compared Multifunctional Copiers and Printers

13 Kolding Kommune Calculation of points for Energy Efficiency: The point used in awarding the contract is calculated as an average of part points Part points are given for both low performance, high performance copiers and for average energy consumption for all copiers in the bid The supplier which copier has the lowest energy consumption gets maximum points Points are reduced relatively for each 10% deviation to lowest energy consumption Multifunctional Copiers and Printers

14 Kolding Kommune PointsPart Point - Low Part Point - High Part Point - Average Award Point Supplier A3454 Supplier B2443,3 Supplier C1221,7 Supplier D0,51,5 1,2 Supplier E0,54,5 3,2 Supplier F1553,7 Supplier G5223 Multifunctional Copiers and Printers

15 Kolding Kommune Evaluation of Environmental Profile: The questions in the environmental questionnaire can be answered by yes or no An yes-answer indicates an environmental positive performance The numbers of yes is counted and calculated into points If yes to every question the supplier gets maximum point Point are reduced relatively to the numbers of yes by using the following function: Point = (number of Yes/number of Questions)*Max points Multifunctional Copiers and Printers

16 Kolding Kommune Points EnvironmentEnergyTotal Supplier A4,84,0 8,8 Supplier B4,83,38,2 Supplier C4,81,76,5 Supplier D5,01,26,2 Supplier E4,73,27,9 Supplier F5,03,78,7 Supplier G4,73,07,7 Multifunctional Copiers and Printers

17 Kolding Kommune The aim of the A-Club is to change the market by stimulating members to purchase energy efficient apparatuses stimulating producers and retailers to offer more energy efficient apparatuses The results should be a better economy through cheaper purchases, lower running costs and reduced CO 2 emissions The Danish A-Club

18 Kolding Kommune The Municipality of Kolding is a member of the A-Club, funded by the Danish Electricity- Conserving Fund The A-Club is a network for public and private purchasers of energy consuming apparatuses and systems The A-Club have 140 members The Danish A-Club

19 Kolding Kommune Members are committed to purchase energy efficient apparatuses when available use the A-clubs purchase guidelines Purchase Guidelines offered by the A-Club makes it easier to find energy efficient apparatuses are easy applicable and operative The A-club also offers system solutions such as energy efficient ventilation systems at schools or energy efficient lightning personal guidance on purchase technical matters The Danish A-Club

20 Kolding Kommune There are several reasons why energy efficiency should be taken into account –It gives lower running costs –It reduces environmental impacts through reduced CO 2 emissions –It contributes to fulfilling International declarations such as Agenda 21 and the Kyoto Protocol Green Purchasing and Energy Efficiency

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