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European Social Fund A spotlight on EQUAL and active ageing.

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1 European Social Fund A spotlight on EQUAL and active ageing

2 A quick introduction Helen Tubb, GHK Consulting Ltd European thematic experts for the European Social Fund EQUAL initiative Role to research, analyse and disseminate the lessons from EQUAL at the European level Three key questions: What is EQUAL? How does EQUAL relate to active ageing? What key messages does EQUAL have to offer for todays workshop?

3 What is EQUAL? European Social Fund (ESF) Community Initiative (2001 – 2008) Aims to find new ways of tackling discrimination and inequality in the labour market, both for those in and out of work 3.274 billion, co-financed by Member States 3,357 EQUAL Development Partnerships (DP) EQUAL website:

4 Key principles Highly relevant to regional labour market strategies and interventions Innovation – testing new ideas Partnership – involving public authorities/agencies, social partners, companies and civil society Empowerment – engaging and building capacity of all stakeholders Mainstreaming – informing and influencing policy Transnational cooperation – working across national boundaries

5 EQUAL and active ageing 210 DPs focus on active ageing Highest numbers in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and France Of the new Member States, Poland, Estonia and Slovakia are the most represented Most active in terms of: Lifelong learning (Re-)integration to the labour market Adaptation to change

6 A closer look New analysis of the 55 DPs Significant SME, regional and sectoral foci Target groups: older workers, older female workers, employers, public administrations and social partners Methods: vocational training, awareness-raising, guidance and counselling and skills audit Tools: research, evaluation and studies, methodological development, networking and mentoring schemes

7 Keeping busy EQUAL@ Work: European age management working group Agora Experience is Capital, June 2005 Innovative examples and success stories EQUAL develops new ways of tackling age management A European Age Management Network: the way forward?

8 Key messages (1) Changing employers attitudes to age Importance of company awareness-raising Studies, diagnostics, press conferences, films, Internet portals and training Training Response to Equality and Diversity DP - Ireland

9 Key messages (2) Paying attention to the whole working life cycle Importance of preventative and anticipatory action Creating new functions, personalised training, developing a second career and local/regional networks for SMEs Genera DP - Germany

10 Key messages (3) Mobilising all stakeholders Importance of region-wide approaches – both strategically and operationally Mix of companies, social partners, local/regional authorities, training bodies and public employment services Intro-DM DP - Belgium

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