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Peter Corbeel Rulemaking Directorate Initial Airworthiness Manager

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1 Peter Corbeel Rulemaking Directorate Initial Airworthiness Manager
The Place of DOA in Part 21 Peter Corbeel Rulemaking Directorate Initial Airworthiness Manager DOA Workshop Dublin

2 Overview Part 21 History DOA in Basic Regulation Part 21 Principles
DOA in Part 21 Purpose Mandatory/eligibility DOA or APDOA DOA concept Development of DOA DOA Workshop Dublin

3 Part 21 History JAR-21 adopted 30-11-93 Implementation slow
JA DOA limited to TC and STC applicants JB DOA for contracted design of parts Transposition JAR-21 to Part 21 DOA Workshop Dublin

4 DOA in Basic Regulation
Article 5(2)(d) Organisation responsible for design … demonstrate their capability Capability recognised through organisation approval Privileges in terms of approval DOA Workshop Dublin

5 DOA in Basic Regulation
Annex 1, paragraph 3 Organisation must have means (facilities, personnel, equipment, procedures, responsibilities, …. Management system Arrangements with other organisations Occurrence reporting and handling (internal + external) DOA Workshop Dublin

6 Part-21 principles Within EU: single investigation
Central role of TC holder Organisation approvals One rule for production (for products and parts and appliances) Import / Export addressed by international agreements DOA Workshop Dublin

7 Part-21 principles Organisation approval No delegation to individuals
POA and DOA No geographical restrictions QMS approach (ISO 9000) DOA Workshop Dublin

8 DOA in Part 21 Purpose: Increase confidence in compliance statements
Allow Agency to step back Moving from individual certification task review to design assurance system review For: Type and Supplemental Type certification Design approval of changes and repairs Continued Airworthiness activities DOA Workshop Dublin

9 DOA in Part 21 DOA mandatory:
Proof that applicant for design approval has capability Proof that holder of design approval is able to discharge responsibilities DOA eligibility Only in conjunction with application Or to obtain privilege to approve minor changes/repairs DOA Workshop Dublin

10 DOA or APDOA DOA: possible for most design approvals
DOA mandatory for TC “non-simple” + APU At least APDOA for TC “simple design” STC Major repair design All ETSO DOA Workshop Dublin

11 A Design Assurance System (21A.239)
DOA Concept A Design Assurance System (21A.239) Responsibilities (21A.265) A Handbook (21A.243) The RIGHT PEOPLE, in the RIGHT PLACES, with the RIGHT MEANS (21A A.245) Terms of Approval (21A A.263) DOA Workshop Dublin

12 Development of DOA Compliance documents privilege (NPA 16/2006)
Permit to Fly additional privileges (NPA 9/2006) “Future of DOA”: extend DOA eligibility to contractors (making compliance statements) DOA Workshop Dublin

13 The Place of DOA in Part 21 END QUESTIONS?
DOA Workshop Dublin

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