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Cell Structure and Function

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1 Cell Structure and Function
3.2 Looking Inside Cells Cell Structure and Function

2 Cell Wall Rigid layer of nonliving material
Surrounds the cells of plants and some other organisms Protects and supports Made of cellulose Strong, but permeable

3 Cell Membrane Barrier separating the cell from its environment
Controls what substances enter and exit a cell Semi-permeable

4 Nucleus Control center of the cell Contains the DNA

5 Cytoplasm Clear, thick, gel-like fluid Contains many organelles

6 Mitochondria Small, rod-shaped organelles "Powerhouses" of the cell
Convert food energy into energy the cell can use

7 Endoplasmic Reticulum
Maze of passageways Helps form proteins Carries material throughout the cell

8 Ribosome Small, grain-like body
Some are attached to endoplasmic reticulum Some float freely in the cytoplasm Protein "factories"

9 Golgi Body Flattened sacs and tubes
Receive proteins to be packaged and distributed to other parts of the cell or even outside the cell

10 Chloroplasts Large, green structures Generally found only in plants
Capture energy from sunlight and convert it into sugar

11 Vacuole Large water-filled sac Storage areas
Plant cells usually have one large, central vacuole

12 Lysosome Small, round structures
Contain chemicals for breaking down certain materials Clean-up crew

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