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Sustainable Medicine New Directions for Research

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1 Sustainable Medicine New Directions for Research
David Servan-Schreiber, MD, Ph.D Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh Lecturer, Faculté de Médecine Lyon

2 Current Model

3 The Tibetan Principle Myocardial infarction, Pneumonia, Appendicitis…
CAD, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis...

4 Coronary Artery Disease
Ornish, 1995 JAMA Treatment as usual Vegetarian diet + exercise + meditation + group support Baseline 5 years later Control Program Myocardial Perfusion 13 N PET Scan

5 A Story Pittsburgh, late1992

6 Epidemic 1 - Evolution SEER, 2003 NCI

7 Epidemic 2 - Distribution

8 Key difference = Lifestyle
For 100,000 Sasco, 1989 Rev Med Int

9 Prevention AND Treatment
Lifestyle factors can cause or protect from cancer Can they affect treatment too?

10 Behavioral Changes and Breast Cancer
Intervention Control 68% reduction in mortality Andersen et al., 2008 Cancer

11 Nutrition

12 Mediterranean Diet Eposito et al, 2004 JAMA

13 Omega-3 / Omega-6 Feller et al., Jal. Am. Chem. Soc.., 2002


15 Duckett et al., 1993 J Animal Sci

16 Transformation of food chain
x20 Omg-6 /Omg-3 x15 x10 x6 Ailhaud et al., Prog. Lip. Res., 2006 – Simopoulos & Salem. NEJM, 1989

17 Evolution of Diet WW II % Calories Saturated Fat 20
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 10 Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 4M - 10,000 1800 1900 2000 Leaf, A. and P. Weber Am. Jal. Clin. Nut. 1987



20 Omega-6 fatty acids and mammary tumors
Nb of tumors Days post graft Carroll et al, 1975 Cancer Res.

21 Advanced Breast Cancer
Gago-Dominguez et al., 2003 Brit J Ca – Singapore Prospective women

22 Membrane Protection Neurones exposed to beta-amyloid
Neurones without anything Neurones with omg3 exposed to beta-amyloid Neurones with omg3 Florent et al. Jal. Neurochem., 2006

23 Prevention: Framingham Study
RR=0.53 Schaefer et al, Arch Neurol.

24 Treatment: Omega-3 AD Study
Placebo Freund-Levi et al, 2006 Arch Neurol.

25 Studer et al, Arch Int. Med. 2005
Statins or Omega-3s? Cardiac Mortality -22% -32% Studer et al, Arch Int. Med. 2005

26 Studer et al, Arch Int. Med. 2005
Statins or Omega-3s? All Cause Mortality -13% -23% Studer et al, Arch Int. Med. 2005

27 Flaxseed Project 5% flax seed in animal feed 
Meat, butter, eggs, cheese, milk balanced in omega-3s  Impact on human biological parameters (INRA, CHU Rennes, CHU Lorient)

28 Childhood Cancers - Europe
Steliarova-Foucher et al., Lancet

29 Organic vs Conventional Food
42 children 2 to 5 yo - Seattle, Wash « organic » children below EPA safety limit « conventional » children 4 x above Curl et al., 2003 Env. Health. Persp.

30 Summary Many scientifically sound “complementary” and environmental approaches Which is the best medicine? Which is more “scientific”? No patent = no profits = no awareness

31 Sent: Thur. 02/28/08 5:40 pm To: XXX Great. Thanks
Sent: Thur. 02/28/08 5:40 pm To: XXX Great. Thanks. G is a great guy, say hi, and I will keep looking out for the good science he does. Even so, the chances of commercial success hinge on the patent life of a molecule, and we have our hands full with stuff that has that sort of potential. Best, XXX Clinical Director, XXX

32 New Research Orientations
1. “Natural”/sustainable treatments 2. “Intellectual property” protection 3. Environmental interventions

33 The End

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